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By: Jjd Machinery  09-12-2011

Our CNC, NC Machining Division

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Committed to Quality

By following a rigorous Advanced Product Quality Planning process (APQP), CNC develops manufacturing and quality control plants that minimize manufacturing defects. In-process quality checks and poke yokes are used to detect machining or casting defects and prevent them from reaching the customer. In addition each part or assembly is manually inspected for both casting and machining defects prior to packaging for customer shipment.

Other products and services from Jjd Machinery


Vacuum Zinc Die Casting, Die Cast Zinc

JJD Metals is very beneficial for polished die castings, particularly those which are gold plated, or coated with zirconium nitride, titanium nitride or chromium nitride , by physical vapour phase deposition processes. Typical products that benefit from JJD Metals’ vacuum zinc die casting.


Bronze Sand Casting, Sand Cast Bronze

Our goal is to assist your company in producing the most efficient and cost effective bronze casting that will not only meet, but exceed your expectations. There is no need for your company to waste time and resources scheduling production of your Bronze sand casting from the foundry to the machine shop. JJD provides a full range of services that streamlines the bronze sand casting and machining process-we are a one-stop shop.


Aluminum Gravity Casting, Gravity Die Casting

Our mission is to provide the aluminum gravity die castings with the highest quality, at a competitive price and with value-added service to our customers. Our aluminum gravity casting products maintain great flexibility in the production and shipping schedule, which enables us to better meet customer demands.