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By: Jett Grrl  09-12-2011
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jett grrl is a FULL SERVICE REPAIR SHOP. we repair all types of bicyles of any age or quality - our personal favorite is road bikes, but we are equally happy to work on all other kinds! we do tune-ups, build wheels, fix flats, replace headsets, overhaul hubs, and pretty much adjust and install anything you would like or need on your bicycle! we offer you honest, fair, quality workmanship which we believe is unmatched anywhere. when you come into the shop, we will put your bike in the stand and go thru it with you. we will explain what work needs to be done, and why. we even have props to show you what is happening to parts and why things might need to be replaced. we do not believe in replacing something unless it is neccessary. our goal is to save you money and keep things out of landfill, while still GUARANTEEING that your bike will function at 100%. we are very confident that the work you have done here will be THE best bike repair you have ever had. and we stand behind that :O)

so that you have some understanding of what we are trying to do at jett grrl, and what you will be paying for, we would like to explain what the word TUNE UP means. it does not mean we oil your chain and put air in your tires. it also does not mean that we quickly run through your brakes and gears to see if they are adequate. a TUNE UP, for those who are interested, includes the following:
- a FULL assessment of your bike and what needs to be done to make it run as PERFECTLY as possible!
- we remove the wheels and TRUE them. correct spoke tension, inspect rims for wear.
- inflate tires and check for any damage
- properly adjust your HUBS, BOTTOM BRACKET, and HEADSET bearings.
- center and tighten your brakes, includes re-setting pads.
- adjust front and rear deraillers so shifting is flawless
- safety check ALL bolts, including rack, fender, water bottle, crank bolts, cable pinch bolts, brake and derailler attachment bolts, etc.!
- lube your chain and clean your drivetrain - chain, cogs, chainrings, deraillers, including pulley wheels
- clean your ENTIRE bike, includes rims, spokes, hubs, brake pads, frame, cranks, etc.
- any new parts installed will have all bolts greased, all new cables are completely pre-stretched.
- test ride at end to make sure it is PERFECT. PERIOD.
if nothing needs to be replaced it takes anywhere from 80-100 minutes (including assessment time). we have over 15 years experience, and are faster than you could ever imagine :O) and meticulous to the extreme. shop time is billed at the same rate as everyone else in the city, $60/hr. so if you want a REAL tune-up, and you want your bike to function as it should, as it used to, please call and book an appointment today!

we stock all the basics, all the time, plus lots of fancy parts too. SELLE AN-ATOMICA leather saddles - a miracle in bike seats, that also make your bike look HOT :O) or BROOKS Saddles, THE quintessential leather saddle, handmade in England for 150 years! GORGEOUS handmade wooden fenders made 1 at a time in Bend Oregon, the full range of VELO ORANGE components to make your new bike more Retro, VELOCITY rims in every color. plus CHRIS KING, PHIL WOOD, PAUL COMPONENTS, WHITE INDUSTRIES and THOMSON parts. We carry PITLOCK skewers to protect your bike from theft, SCHMIDT Dynamo Hubs and Lights made in Germany (need i say more), THE coolest solid color tire on the market from FYXATION, HONJO hammered metal fenders, and MONKEYLECTRIC lights for your wheels. As cool as it gets! NUTCASE helmets, KNOG lights, and loads of Track components too - DURA-ACE, NITTO, SUGINO, GRAN COMPE, ALL-CITY, TRAITOR, SOMA, MICHE, plus much much more! we order almost every week, and have access to almost every bike part and accessory on the market. that is SHIMANO, CAMPY, MAVIC, PROFILE, EASTON, IRD, GIRO, BELL, VITTORIA, SCHWALBE, CONTINENTAL, CINELLI, SELLE ITALIA, FIZIK, BBB, and the list goes on!!! so if you are looking for something specific, feel free to call and find out if it is available here.

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