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By: Jason Boudreau  09-12-2011
Keywords: Financial Planning, Planning Process, Financial Success

At Vela Wealth Management Inc., we embrace the fact that everyone has a unique vision for financial success. To ensure that your financial plan is developed and tailored to align with your goals and aspirations, we utilize our six-step Financial Vision™ planning process:

01. Establish

  Our initial meeting and consultation will allow us to address issues and concepts related to the financial planning process and clarify the scope of our relationship moving forward.

02. Gather   This step serves as the foundation for the planning we engage in together. We don't presume to know you or your objectives so we take the time to listen and learn about what is important to you. The more that we know about your situation, the better the advice we can provide.

03. Clarify  Through detailed analysis of the information you provide, we are able to establish a clear, objective picture of your current situation and how it aligns with your goals. This analysis may include:

  • corporate and personal cash flow, net worth and tax projections
  • current asset allocation and risk profile
  • insurance and risk management planning
  • investment/retirement plans and projections

04. Develop  Upon understanding where you currently stand, and based on your goals, objectives and priorities, a strategic plan will be developed. If appropriate, and with your permission, we will coordinate with other members of your professional advisory team to help ensure the plan is synergistically integrated with all other aspects of your financial situation. The plan will then be presented to you with specific recommendations and an appropriate plan of action agreed upon.  

05. Implement  Your plan will be implemented utilizing a combination of carefully selected financial instruments and services. Depending on your individual situation and based upon the priorities we have identified together, the plan may be executed all at once, or over a period of time. If the implementation process involves professionals or services that you do not currently have, we are more than happy to refer you to other trusted members of our professional advisory team.

06. Monitor   To help ensure you achieve your vision for financial success, it is essential to continually review your plan. We are committed to providing you with ongoing reviews to evaluate your progress and help facilitate the necessary adjustments to your plan as changes happen to goals, objectives and/or tax laws and economic circumstances. 

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