Workshop Design & Delivery

By: Izen  09-12-2011

Izen Consulting designs, develops, and delivers workshops on a wide variety of topics, to audiences of all sizes.

  • Workshop by topic
  • Subject Matter Expert sessions
  • Industry Roundtables
  • Focus Groups
  • Information Sessions

We design effective workshops by first listening to the needs of the client, and the needs of their target audience.  The content and level match the needs of the audience, and the direction set by the client. We develop the workshops based upon the size, duration, and focus of the workshops.  We provide the necessary aids, ice-breakers, plenary sessions, working group sessions, and recordings.

  • Workshop-style interactive learning is a highly effective way of learning
  • Well run workshops provide valuable insight for participants and organizers
  • We are experienced and expert facilitators

Other products and services from Izen


Career Dialogues

Izen Consulting has learned how to use the existing youth communication network to channel the passion and energy around career decisions through open and honest dialogues. Career decisions can be overwhelming, just ask anyone who's ever made one, and youth learn form their peers. Career Dialogues is the most effective means of communicating labour market information to youth.



Our analytical process begins with our clients needs, and includes our breadth of related experience We present the research and analysis in user friendly formats, including charts, graphs, and tight summaries. Izen Consulting has expertise conducting and managing large and small scale research projects in the labour market field. We conduct research and analysis to report to our clients on what matters most to them and their industry.