Leed Facilitation

By: Iredale  09-12-2011

As one of Canada's leading advocates of green building design, Iredale Group's core mission is the design of sustainable and low-energy buildings. With 10 LEED Accredited Professionals in the firm, we have acquired the experience and the expertise to facilitate project teams through the LEED design process, and also to achieve LEED certification standards on behalf of the client.

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Architectural Design

Our design philosophy emphasizes conviviality and sustainability: by conviviality we mean creating crossroads that enhance our social interactions; and by sustainability we mean the conservation of existing sites, buildings, water, earth, and air.


Sustainable Master Planning

Sustainable master planning incorporates the knowledge that successful 'living buildings' need to be located in 'living communities'.


Structural Engineering

We have integrated structural engineering into our practice since 1989 to achieve the beautiful tecktonic results that arise from a dovetailing of architectural and structural design. Over the years we have also fostered a close working relationship between consulting engineers and architects to achieve technically complex and innovative designs.


Heritage Restoration

The firm has a significant portfolio of heritage work that includes documentation, restoration, and preservation, as well as adaptive re-use, of existing buildings. Rand Iredale and Charlotte Murray, who formed The Iredale Partnership in 1980, were pioneers in the development of BC heritage conservation policies and practices.