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By: Inside Vancouver  09-12-2011

Highlights of the 2011 VAFF include the comedy, starring X-Men 2‘s Kelly Hu and Hong Kong star Edison Chen, the documentary which follows the journey of Indo-American actor Omi Vaidya from Hollywood unknown to Bollywood celebrity, and the drama , featuring Ajay Naidu, Faran Tahir and Piper Perabo.

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Every year some 800,000 people from around the world work up the courage to dart across the swaying, rocking span. The bridge itself is 136 metres (446 feet) long and is suspended 70 metres above the rushing Capilano River. Photo Credit: Capilano Suspension Bridge.


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Here’s an even bigger sign: (located just 30 minutes from downtown Vancouver) opens today—November 8—making this the earliest opening day in Cypress Mountain history and making Cypress the first ski area in B.C. to open for the 2011/12 snow season. Think the opening of the this Wednesday is a sign that winter is on it’s way.


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If you want to score a pair of premium jeans, head out to the annual for ladies and gents, Dec. 1- 3, in Burnaby. Read on to learn more about the guy behind this successful Vancouver brand. Merchandise will be replenished daily.


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Now, if you’re hoping to see the game in person, I’ve got some bad news. You might even get 2010 Olympic flashbacks. Here’s a glimpse at what’s in store.


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They’re not easy to spot, especially at this time of year when the weather doesn’t permit the uniform of thongs (sorry, flip flops) and boardies. If Australians want to get to a decent snow field, it’s going to be a few hours in a car, and that’s if you live in Melbourne or Sydney. More importantly, we love Vancouver.