Kid's Stuff :

By: Innate-gear  09-12-2011

Like all Innate containers, these are made with food-grade Stainless Steel, so you know the only thing your child is eating and drinking is what you put inside their cup! BPA- and Phthalate-free, and independently tested to USFDA, California Proposition 65 and European Norm standards for food safety.

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Outdoor Travel :

Many of our products in this section feature our reduced footprint icon; this signifies LEANER designs combined with CLEANER materials and processes which move us toward GREENER products. Our outdoor travel collection expands on our food and drink storage products with the same careful attention to design, materials selection, production quality and durable functionality.


Food Storage Containers :

Designed for those seeking an elegant yet functional food storage system for on-the-go school or work use with the added benefits of being perfect for hiking. The MC2 combines a premium stainless bottom container with our proprietary food grade silicone lid that expands into a microwave-able bowl.


Insulated Mugs and Tumblers :

Coffee culture is believed to have started with tribes in Ethiopia and travelled via Arab traders to Constantinople where, again according to the Oxford Dictionary, in 1475, Kiva Han, the first recorded coffee shop was opened. In Italy coffee preparation became an art form via the espresso method where the brewing process is done by forcing hot water under pressure through finely ground coffee.


Stainless Water Bottles :

These durable and attractive containers elegantly represent the Innate synthesis of Clean Design and Chain of Custody.


Vacuum Containers :

Just like Innate?s single wall containers, our collection of durable and attractive vacuum containers elegantly represents the Innate synthesis of Clean Design and Chain of Custody.