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By: Inform Capital  09-12-2011
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Inform Capital assists companies by developing and implementing an investor relations program which has a multi-faceted approach to increase liquidity, market valuation, and name recognition.

Company and Market Analysis

Inform's strength lies in analying your company, recognizing your comparables in the sector,  who best to target your company to, and what distinguishes you as the choice for prospective investment dollars    Our initaive is to bring your company into the spotlight and receive well deserved attention from the investment community.

Strategic Planning

The plan defines your companies investment argument: the value drivers and market potential that make you a compelling investment.  You must stick to investors and institutions who favor the sector your company is in.  What mix of retail vs. institutional shareholders do you want? Targeting your story to the right audience will make ones efforts much more effective.   In the case of institutions, you should understand who has investment discretion - with whom you need to build a relationship, and who you need to influence.

Investor Marketing

Personalized Database Development- thru our lead generation program and company database we will work each company to define the right investors for them and create their own personal database.

Ongoing Disclosure (News Releases, Annual/Quarterly Reports)

Broker/Institutional Relations

By communicating with our retail broker, analyst and fund manager contacts, We will increase the frequency of your companies interaction with this community and enhance the recognition and awareness in the capital markets. Plan and coordinate road shows for your company in selected financial districts in Canada, Europe and the U.S.A.

Cost and terms

Inform Capital's fee is paid monthly on a 1 year contract (this fee is payable in advance on the 1st of each month). As well, astock option package will be discussed and implemented upon engagement.  Investor confidence is hard to win, but easily lost.  Companies that communicate well will achieve the benefits.  Investors will also punish companies that over-promise.  

Command the reputation of delivering on your words

Keywords: Personalized Database

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Our good reputation and strong relationships with brokers, underwriters and institutional investors active in the micro cap and resource markets allows us to bring together capital with quality assets and strong management teams enabling the best opportunity to build a strong foundation for a successful company.