Learn to Weight Train - 101

By: INFOFIT  09-11-2010
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Want to be a personal trainer, but don't know how to weight train?  No problem! Get personal coaching from one of our elite trainers!  This 4 hour coaching program has been specifically designed for those individuals with no personal weight training experience wishing to pursue a career in fitness. 

In your session, you will:
-Be taught how to perform common gym resistance exercises
-Practice each exercise AND have your personal coach analyze your exercise technique
-Receive corrective feedback and training tips

-Learn from some of the most the elite trainers in the industry
-Learn to weight train properly the first time
-Learn in 4 sessions what takes others many years to learn
-Save years of trial and error mistakes
-Avoid having to fix poor training habits
-Gain immediate credibility from your peers
-Look and feel confident when you attend your instructor training courses
-Workout in any gym
-Teach others
-and more.....

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