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Enterprise Resource Planning system is an integrated application software covering all functions of your business such as; Sales ( order entry to invoicing), Account Recievable, Account payable, General Accounting, Inventrory, Manufacturing, Purchasing functions of industries. ERP system could be customized and talored for different type of industries from manufacturing, wholesale and distribution industries to retail and even service oriented industries.

Imco engineers would study your business and your requirements, designs your ERP system, customize and implements an open source web based ERP system for your business.

We host your ERP system on your own server or a third party dedicated server (ISP servers). We also provide on job user training and after sales service.

QuickBooks automates double-entry accounting, tracking transactions throughout the accounting cycle from creating purchase orders and receiving items to selling goods and services and depositing payments.

QuickBooks uses accounts to group financial data by purpose. Balance sheet accounts track assets and liabilities: asset accounts track what your company owns, including cash, inventory, equipment, buildings and money owed by your customers; and liability accounts track your company's debts, including loans, credit card debt, taxes and accounts payable-what you owe vendors. Equity accounts track earnings retained for business growth and investment into the company by its owners. As you enter purchase orders, bills, invoices and payments into QuickBooks, you associate each of these with a particular asset, liability or equity account.

Quickbooks is a very powerful accounting software solution and can work in a variety of industries and business situations. QuickBooks is platform free you can install and run it on any PC or Mac.

Our QuicBooks service includes QuicBooks installation and set up for your business, we also provide QuickBooks training for business owners and non-accountent users.

Base on the scope and size of your project we assign a project team consisting of project manager, project planner and scheduler and project staff to manage your project.

  • With help of your project team members, they break down a project to phases and activities and develop a database for defined activities, to be used by all members of the project.
  • Project management team will use project control software such as Primavera, MS project.
  • Develop and publish a reporting instruction manual for all project members.
  • Prepare weekly and monthly statistical and narrative report of project progress.
  • Identify behind scheduled tasks and recommend necessary action for resolving problems.
  • Run scheduled meeting with project members and users.
  • Keeps all concerned management and investors informed of the status of the project.

Alternative method of project management service is;
We outsource and assign our project team or especial skills to your project team and they will perform their task under your guidance and supervision for the period of a contract.

We develop your company web as well as your E_Commerce web site using Macromedia Dreamweaver . We develop dynamic pages and web applications with reliable software such as PHP and MYSQL database engine.

We also publish your web site in third party server or install Apache web server and MYSQL database sever and host your web site on your own servers.

Under separate contract we provide 24/7 days support for your installed servers and hosted web sites.

Because Apache, MYSQL and PHP all are open source software you will save thousands of dollars on your servers cost.

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