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By: Hyperwallet  09-12-2011
Keywords: Payment Services

Global Payment Solution


The hyperWALLET Pay Portal

hyperWALLET‘s pay portal is the preferred global payment solution for organizations across multiple industries.

Our solution allows companies to establish a set of international payment services in all the markets they serve today and in the future, by leveraging a proven financial technology solutions provider that comes with deep experience, reliability and expertise in the global payments arena.

Keywords: Payment Services

Other products and services from Hyperwallet


Solutions | Foreign Exchange Payments & FX Currency Services

Online System - Our unique and simple to use system enables clients to book Spot, Forward and Drawdown contracts online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We send you an email that confirms the exchange rate we agreed and also tells you our partner’s bank account details. Sending or making a Foreign Currency international payment via hyperWALLET's Foreign Exchange division is simple.


Solutions | Mobile Payments | hyperWALLET

Take the example of a remittance service; today the remitter has to go into an agent location having withdrawn the cash from their bank account they wish to send to a relative in another country. At the POS, our customers depend on our platform to support NFC, SMS and mobile P2P applications across linked prepaid, credit and wallet accounts.


Solutions | Global Payment Network

Global Transaction Services teams offer local clearing but are expensive, with few tools for either the remitter or the beneficiary to manage accounts, status and costs. Commercial customers could not identify a single program manager which provided services across all of these needs. Businesses and individuals operating in more than one country are challenged in small value global payments.


Solutions | Global Payment Platform & Payment Processing System

An extensive suite of online payment services bring personal and business accounts together, facilitating efficient commerce via existing banking, credit card and 3rd party payment networks. This makes many card and online account issuing and payment scenarios supportable “out-of-the-box” without the need for additional technology infrastructure.


Solutions | Brandable Prepaid Cards & Card Programs

Cardholders can easily check account balances, transaction history, enable payment notifications, and manage their spending via a white-label Pay Portal that reflects your organization's brand in the marketplace. Our flexible prepaid card programs allow any business to develop and launch multiple pre-paid programs, from a USD consumer gift card to a reloadable remittance card in a foreign currency.


Direct Pay | Low-cost, online merchant payment service, bank debit & e-wallet solution

Low merchant processing fees Direct Pay transactions are assessed as a low merchant processing fee, in contrast to typical credit or debit card fees of 2-3% or more -- meaning lower costs for your business. Direct Pay's instant credit & autoship support can help your business drive revenue by ensuring customers have a seamless buying experience and obtain their products more quickly.