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By: Hr Online  09-12-2011
Keywords: HR management

Successful organizations are led by great managers. HRN’s dynamic HR Management Training program is an effective means to promote and keep confident, committed managers. Our professional, experienced consultants will work with you to incorporate your policies and practices into each workshop, with proven modules on leadership, performance management, recruitment and hiring, communication skills, harassment prevention and other key topics. This ensures the content is relevant to participants and consistent with the direction of your company.


Management Training Module Topic Areas

Even born leaders must hone their skills to be effective. This awareness-building workshop can be designed for supervisors with limited exposure to leadership concepts or as a customized refresher course for more experienced managers. It provides an overview of the leadership skills and attributes essential for success in a modern day work environment. Participants evaluate their own leadership traits, tendencies and strengths, and identify strategies for building on those strengths.

Most managers list "performance management" as one of the most difficult aspects of their job. It is a challenge to deliver difficult feedback, remember to give positive feedback, and make timely performance appraisals. This training module lets managers test themselves on their skills, knowledge, and commitment to performance management. This program also reinforces the use of locally prescribed performance management processes and policies. Participants review tools and techniques to improve their skills, and apply basic techniques of goal setting and feedback delivery.

Skilled communication is essential for effective leadership. Successful leaders know how to articulate their vision, and equally important, they know how to listen. This training module is designed for managers or supervisors familiar with the principles of communication who want to update their skills. In an interactive session, participants examine the dynamics of concise, active communication and how it affects relationships with their staff, coworkers, vendors, and associates. They learn to recognize listening barriers, practice new skills, and discuss their own communication

Developing staff is a leader's most important duty. This advanced skill-building workshop is for supervisors who have development responsibilities and experience supervising and delivering performance feedback. Participants practice various coaching techniques that can be applied to a wide range of situations. It also includes training in techniques to establish effective mentoring relationships that guide high performers, so they stay challenged and continue to grow.

Everyone wants teamwork, but seldom do leaders know how to intentionally develop it. This practical workshop is designed for supervisors with team leadership responsibilities that want to improve their performance. Participants learn the basics of team development and identify characteristics of effective teams, as well as barriers that hinder team performance. The workshop also includes participatory training in techniques to enhance teamwork within a team and the company itself.

Early steps in the hiring process are critical to placing the right person in the right job and avoiding costly mistakes. This skill-building workshop is designed for supervisors and HR professionals with limited experience in recruiting, interviewing, and selecting final job candidates. Participants learn the employment laws that govern these selection processes and review locally-prescribed recruiting policies and procedures. An interactive segment allows them to demonstrate "best practices" in preparing for and conducting interviews.

Ignorance of employment law does not excuse accountability. This awareness-building workshop is for supervisors with limited experience in basic employment law or as a refresher course for experienced managers. Participants gain applicable understanding of laws that govern hiring, compensation, discipline, termination, and harassment. The workshop also includes a review of company policies and procedures.

Broader laws and a more diverse workforce have lead to an increase in sexual and discriminatory harassment lawsuits across all industries. This workshop is designed for managers and non- managers, and it is a must for any organization committed to building mutual respect in the workplace, protecting the dignity of the employees, and reducing the chance of a potential lawsuit. Participants will learn the risks of not understanding basic harassment laws, how they and the company can be liable, how to define and understand both sexual and discriminatory harassment, and techniques to prevent harassment. They will also increase their awareness of how their words and actions can have unintended negative consequences.

Staff meetings provide great opportunities to build teams and strengthen communication between management and employees. Unfortunately, these opportunities are often lost because supervisors lack the basic skills required to lead an effective staff meeting. This workshop is designed for anyone who is expected to lead staff or project meetings. Participants will understand the importance of leading an effective staff meeting, learn agenda development techniques that can save time and money, and practice using tools that will result in more effective and energetic staff meetings.

Keywords: HR management

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