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Defining Service is an in-depth analysis of Customer Service
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Before we go to the outside world to advertise our product and service, we should do some introspection and decide exactly what it is we have to offer. Today, there is much stress on quality service .. but what exactly do we mean by "service" ?

The term service evokes different interpretations and connotations, depending on the user - Is it the way a company or a clerk answers your questions? - Is it the way the product is delivered? Is it the way a company stands by its guarantees and warranties? Is it the way a complaint is registered and resolved? Is it the way the product can be used? Is it the behaviour and attitude of the employees? What exactly is service? Before we promise to the customer something that is subject to so many interpretations, maybe we should clarify this term to ourselves.

We can begin by sub-dividing the service concept into four main categories:

  • The product itself

  • The quality and service attributes that back the product

  • The employee as a product

  • The intangible service.

In order to win and maintain customers, we must know exactly what we are selling and what we can promise. We cannot materialize our market positioning without thoroughly analyzing and preparing our specific class of product and service. We should not make promises unless we are well organized to realize them. Today's customer is a more discerning and demanding customer : What we offer the customer is what the customer expects .

    The customer expects the product to:

    The product should be backed by the following quality and service attributes. The customer expects the product to be:

    Customers regard employees as our product, from whom they expect the following qualifications:

    • broad general knowledge

    • know-how

    • people skills

    • technical skills

    • competition awareness

    • positive attitude

    • involvement

    • motivation

    • loyalty

    • team-spirit

    • initiative

    • ingenuity

    • punctuality

    • sense of responsibility

    • professional presentation

    • cultured language

    • sense of ethics

    • salesmanship.

    The intangible service is as important to the customer as the product itself. It is experienced the moment it is delivered - before, during, or after a sale. It cannot be recalled. It is the most difficult to define, but for practical purposes we can categorize it as follows:

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