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By: High Sun Mattress  09-12-2011

High Sun Mattress » Mattress Knowledge

Rubber is harvested by hand (like maple syrup) and without the use of chemicals or large farm equipment. Once the rubber milk is tapped from the tree, it destabilizes very quickly, and to reduce the need for additional chemicals, processing is done nearby and on the same day of harvest.

Turning rubber into Talalay latex

The milk is whipped and frothed and then poured into molds that look like nail beds. The pins sticking up add air to the mold, speed the processing (foam rubber is a poor conductor of heat and cold) and the drying afterwards.

Once the mold is poured, it’s flash frozen. As it freezes, bubbles form to create an interconnecting structure – millions of tiny pin holes that give the latex both longevity and ventilation. The matrix is shot with carbon dioxide to further set the mold and force the bubbles to interconnect. The mold is finally heated to cure the latex and give it its resilient properties.

1. Contours to the body’s natural curves

any sleeping position

2. Superior support and comfort in any

sleeping position

3. Choice of firmness options
4. Returns to its original shape night after night
5. Long lasting and exceptionally durable

6. Ventilated open-cell design reduces

moisture buildup

7. Naturally dust mite resistant and antimicrobial
8. Reduces stress on pressure points
9. Reduces tossing and turning
10. Absorbs motion transfer

Article Source:  Natura world