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By: Great Planet  09-12-2011

At Great - Planet we believe that getting a web site should NOT be costly, complicated or confusing. We offer a complete service including;


your domain name


so that it belongs to you.


your web site to suit you or your business.


your web site so other people can look at it any time of day.


your web site so the information is always what you want.


your web site so other people can easily find it.

All these services are available as either a package or as needed. It is up to you!

A domain name (or web address) is the best way to establish an online identity and the easiest, quickest way to reach the world. A .com Web Address is recognized worldwide as an online business, but .net and .org are also widely used.

Great Planet can design your site to be as clean and simple, or sophisticated, as suits you! We'll make your site visually appealing, quick loading and easy to navigate.

First we meet with you to determine what information you would like to get out to the world, and how you want it to look. Then we produce a site as simple or as organised as you like. If you prefer we can even help with a few suggestions.

Its your site and your image, so you must be happy!

Once you have bult a web site you want the world to see it; anytime from anywhere. You could host your site on your home or business computer but there are a number of problems. For example, your computer would need to be on, and on-line, 24 hours a day.

Think of a Web Host as the landlord of building. A landlord rents out storefronts to various businesses. Each business decorates and runs their store differently, and doesn't worry about the maintenence of the building. In a similar way a Web Host rents out space on a Web server to various businesses. Each business builds their own Web site and never has to worry about the maintenence of their Web server.

When you host with Great-Planet we take care of all these concerns and more.

Regular maintenance can be vital in keeping your web site fresh and your customers returning!

Most people and businesses enjoy a change. So does your site. As information changes or a new promotion approaches, the information on your site may need to be updated. New staff, new products, new season, different pictures; are all reasons you may wish to add or alter your sites content. Regular maintenance can be vital in keeping your web site fresh and your customers returning!

Great Planet offers hassle free updates to keep you and your site fresh and up to date. Check out our Maintenance plans.

Once your site is built and hosted on the internet you need to ensure that people can find it. Usually this means getting listed on search engines and directories.

To really succeed on the Web, you need more than just a Web site. You need "traffic" - a steady stream of visitors coming to check out your products, services, information, and everything else you offer online. In order to draw people to your site, you need to be listed in the Web's most popular search engines and Web directories. Great-Planet can help you get traffic to your site by optimizing your web pages and listing them with the major search engines and directories; making your Web site easier to find online.