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By: Granville Island Psychic Studio  09-12-2011

Clearing stale or negative space energy & bring beneficial blessings to it! Welcome a new start in your life, at any time, by purging past or previous people’s energy.  (If it’s good for Donald Trump, it’s good for you too!)

  • Is you’re ex’s presence still felt in your home, after they’ve left?
  • Your business is too quiet, need to attract new clients?
  • Your home is not selling?
  • Need to clear out bad energy in order to bring in love, or other needs?

Lion is masters at transforming and working with energy. His techniques are based on a custom combination of Tibetan, Native and Energy Facilitation. Lion requires a conversation with you, prior to accepting the work. 604-734-3354
Clients hire Lion’s services for clearing stale or negative energies. When there is a desire to create a sacred space for change and expansion, or living life with more peace, balance, positive energy, health, love and lucky prosperity $$$.

This popular service can be called on to bless, purify, or get rid of entities and negative energies in your home, work or other environment. Results are felt instantly.

Our energy expert is a master at moving and clearing energy that others may not be aware of, or know how to do. Clear interfering energy, be it from an old office or home, the residue from previous tenants, relationships in our life or business can block your ability to manifest and live in harmony if not clean.

You will receive a psychic diagnostic at the end of the space clear rituals and helpful tips on how to maintain the space and what you can look forward to.

Space Clearing & Blessing:

Lion's One Hour Healing Session

Lion’s one hour Healing session is tailored to your individual needs and may include Chakra Balance, Crystal Healing, Sound Healing with Tibetan Bowls, Bells and Gong, Energy Meridian Cleanse, Aura Clearing, Energetic Severing of Past Experiences and more… Longer sessions are available on request. You will first chat about your needs and Lion will advise and use the best remedies and tools.

Lion's Past Life Regression

Lion’s one hour Past Life Regression is a guided journey to gain understanding regarding repetitive events/patterns in this life that began in the past, identify access and activate hidden gifts and talents, identify and understand people in this life that you've had a past with and more..longer sessions are available on request.


Disclaimer: Healing Sessions & Readings at the Granville Island Psychic Studio are services to promote spiritual growth, healing, guidance, wellness and inner peace, to empower you in your life. The client is 100% responsible for any action taken based on their interpretation of the insights presented in a session.

The Granville Island Psychic Studio is open 7 days a week from 11:00 to 5:00
No appointment required! After hours, classes and treatments are by appointment:  604-734-3354

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