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By: Goodbye Clutter  09-12-2011
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Have you got the paralysis of perfection?

Is your home experiencing the debilitation of disorder?

Are you feeling the urge to purge? The itch to pitch?

Are there areas of your life where you are feeling blocked, unsuccessful, want to move through?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Goodbye Clutter! Consulting and Organizing Services Vancouver is here for you!

At Goodbye Clutter! we:  

  • Organize your home or office.
  • Spring clean your garage, basement, attic, closets or other areas.
  • Provide help with Space Planning.
  • De-clutter and homestage to prepare your home for a quick, successful sale.
  • Orchestrate your company or private move.
  • Pack and unpack before and after your move.
  • Prepare overdue, unorganized tax paperwork for accountant.
  • Create household and business systems to suit your needs.
  • Assess the Feng Shui energy of your space.
  • Co-ordinate travel preparations, including packing.

We also:

  • Coach and assist you with your organizational skills.
  • Give presentations for groups, clubs, organizations and special occasions.
  • Visit international clients for an intensive live-in Professional Organizing session.
  • Work with you to create efficiency, order, and freedom.

You may feel alone in your muddle but if there's one thing we've learned at Goodbye Clutter! it's that although clutter may come in many different forms, chances are your clutter is similar to other people’s clutter. We think we’ve seen it all, but are open to new adventures so give us a call. 

In the past few years we have worked through many organizing challenges with clients including:

  • books (over 1000 pounds in a studio apartment);
  • bags of unopened mail (from as long ago as the 1970's);
  • clothes (29+ loads of laundry from one bedroom in one afternoon);
  • rooms overflowing with craft supplies
  • paper! paper! and more paper
  • photos
  • food (two freezers packed with nine-year-old meat in a mostly vegetarian home);
  • alcohol;
  • teeth molds;
  • a kazillion tiny electronic components;
  • dead mice;
  • Mercedes Benz cars (beside her day to day car, client had three, one worked, two didn't); and
  • multiple envelopes of cash and a five ounce bar of gold!

What we’d like to try but haven’t yet is de-cluttering copious amounts of chocolate! If you happen to have a chocolate factory or simply have too much chocolate, you may be entitled to special rates. Disposal fees will not apply!

Italian villa’s are also high on the list of preferred new experiences for Goodbye Clutter! We do house calls.

 Goodbye Clutter!

1915 Haro Street

Vancouver, BC, V6G 1H9


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Keywords: Chocolate, Clutter, Feng Shui