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By: Global Relay  09-12-2011
Keywords: Security, data center, Regulatory Requirements


All messages are securely archived in Global Relay's mirrored East/West Coast Data Centers, providing unlimited online storage for the long-term preservation, management and search of messages. Global Relay's proprietary search engine technology enables any message to be retrieved in seconds, regardless of its size or age.

World-class security. Global Relay's stringent security, business and operations controls ensure the safety and security of customer data. These controls are covered by a comprehensive KPMG Agreed Upon Procedures Document, providing customers with assurances and transparency into how these controls truly differentiate Global Relay. The report reflects extensive testing by KPMG and the perfect results Global Relay achieved with no exceptions.

Specifically, the KPMG Report provides unique and extensive validation of the security, business and operational controls related to:

  • Physical Security — and safeguards governing data protection and data center controls
  • Change Management — Frameworks for guiding software development releases, operations and change control
  • Network Security & Availability — System architecture, redundancy, access and security
  • Global Relay Archive & Compliance Reviewer — Inbound message processing, secure storage, data center replication and end-user access
  • Data Import, Extraction & Destruction — Policies, procedures and methodologies for securely handling customer data
  • Security Policies & Standards — Policies & standards governing privacy and confidentiality
  • Personnel Policies & Procedures — Employee life-cycle management

Preservation & Management

A unified message archiving solution. Global Relay Archive is a Software-as-a-Service solution that provides secure off-site archiving and long-term storage for virtually every message type used in business and finance. It creates a permanent, tamperproof copy of all incoming, internal and outgoing electronic messages. Intuitive web-based search and retrieval features give users rapid access to current and historical message records, even if the original has been deleted. As well, the system's compliance functionality provides powerful real-time monitoring and audit tools for regulatory compliance, eDiscovery and supervision.


Ideal for firms in regulated industries. Global Relay Archive is specifically engineered to assist firms in meeting the stringent legal and regulatory requirements for electronic recordkeeping, such as SEC Rule 17a-4, NASD Conduct Rule 3110 and NYSE Rule 440, as well as those mandated for any Investment Advisors and Hedge Funds in the firm under SEC Rule 204-2. Global Relay also provides customers with access to the expertise of its in-house Legal Team, to help companies establish best practices for compliant messaging.

In addition to meeting compliance requirements, regulated firms will also benefit by facilitating efficient responses to audits and evidentiary requests, as well as by diminishing the likelihood of securities violations, SEC enforcement actions and other liabilities associated with inadequate, lost or deleted records. Simple, secure and powerful, Global Relay Archive works in the background to create a perfect record of "who said what when".


Archive access for every business role. Global Relay Archive provides tools to accommodate the needs of every business role within an organization via an intuitive user interface.

For Employees:

Firms can give every employee in the organization access to his or her own current and historical messages in the archive — even if the original has been deleted. Users can restore any message themselves in seconds, boosting productivity and reducing IT support time.

For Compliance Personnel:

Global Relay Archive provides a multi-tier system to help firms meet regulatory requirements for the supervision of employee communications. Compliance personnel have access to an extensive suite of tools for message monitoring, filtering, flagging and categorization.

For Managers:

Managers can enforce firm policies by monitoring the messages of their assigned groups. Global Relay Archive gives managers a snapshot of their reports' communications and identifies any messages that may violate a firm's internal rules.

For Administrators:

Authorized administrators can deploy customized access rights to allow individuals access to only their own messages, a group of other users' messages or firm-wide access. Granular administrator controls allow firms to set up access rights that mirror the reporting structures in their organizations.

Tools to access the archive anytime, anywhere. In addition to the standard web-based user interface, mobile access to archived messages is available through Global Relay Search for BlackBerry, iPhone and Outlook. These innovative applications equip users with the same powerful search capabilities that can be accessed via web browser. User capabilities include a simple search and retrieval process allowing all users to Find, View, Print, Reply, Reply All, Forward or Download messages — and even create new mail directly from within the archive.


Save IT department resources. Never lose messages again. Global Relay Archive is a fool-proof backup and disaster recovery solution, saving time and money for IT departments.

Reduce costs and avoid capital expenditures. As an outsourced solution, Global Relay Archive requires no software, hardware or programming. It eliminates the expense of internal message storage and can be deployed within hours of signing up.

Improve message management. When all of your firm's messages are automatically archived, the need to depend on disparate backup and storage systems and PST files is eliminated. Global Relay Archive provides central storage and organization, enabling advanced search and retrieval of all message types and attachments — even if the original has been deleted. Its extensive feature set is accessible via any web browser, BlackBerry, iPhone or Microsoft Outlook.

Maintain organization and control. The real time firm-wide monitoring capabilities of Global Relay Archive enable detection of inappropriate message content that violates your firm's policies or legislation. A side benefit is the measurable improvement in employee productivity.

Reduce operational risks. Global Relay Archive provides an indisputable chronological time-date stamped record to help safeguard you in the event of customer, supplier or employee issues, errors or allegations. It is your proactive risk management solution.

Message Types

Message Types Archived by Global Relay

  • Exchange, Lotus Notes and all Unix/Linux systems
  • AOL Instant Messenger (AIM)
  • MSN Messenger
  • Yahoo messenger
  • Google Talk (GTalk)
  • BlackBerry SMS
  • BlackBerry PIN-to-PIN
  • BlackBerry Call Logs
  • Bloomberg BMail
  • Instant Bloomberg
  • Thomson Reuters Messenger including files, forms, screenshots and chat rooms
  • Thomson Reuters Eikon Commentaries
  • Jabber/XMPP
  • Microsoft OCS/Lync
  • YellowJacket
  • Pivot
  • IBM Sametime
  • Cisco Webex
  • MessageLabs | POD
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Blogs & RSS Feeds
  • Actiance (Facetime), Symantec IM Manager

Keywords: data center, Regulatory Requirements, Security

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