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By: GeoScan Subsurface Surveys Canada  09-01-2013
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Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is a real-time Non Destructive Technique (NDT) that quickly and accurately locates the position of post tension cables, voids, rebar and electrical conduits embedded in concrete. GPR eliminates the accidental cutting and drilling through embedded objects and the high costs required for their repair if cut or damaged.

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is the safest and most cost effective way to locate subsurface objects in concrete structures prior to cutting, coring or drilling. GPR is faster and safer than radiography (Concrete X-Ray) and only single-sided access is needed. Our GPR Scanning equipment is the most advanced in the industry and can locate:

Post-Tensioned Cables
Accurately locate post-tensioned cables embedded in concrete slabs to avoid costly repairs!

Concrete Evaluation
Concrete Evaluation can determine concrete deterioration, slab thickness, rebar spacing, bar elevation and the amount of concrete cover over the rebar

Detect plastic and metallic conduits. This includes water and heating lines embedded in concrete.  Our equipment will also detect any 'live' electrical conduits within the concrete slab too.
Scanning for electrical conduits is essential if you want to avoid high costs associated with hitting a live conduit.

Structural Steel (Rebar)
Map Rebar mats within suspended concrete slabs, slab on grade, walls, tunnels and other concrete structures. 

Successfully locate voids in concrete structures and map deterioration within a concrete slab. Voids can seriously impact the structural stability of a concrete slab.

Underground Heating Lines
 Mapping and locating of underground heating lines in concrete slabs. Damage to heating lines can be extremely costly to repair.

Leak Detection 
Locate and map leaking pipes in concrete slabs. Detect exact area in which the leak is occurring. Leaking pipes can deteriorate the concrete slab, by quickly locating the area which is leaking can save money and time.                 

 GPR Concrete Scanning is highly recommended before you cut, core or drill.

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