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By: Focus 2 Hair  09-12-2011
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Focus 2 specializes in Great Lengths since its arrival to Canada in 1995. Focus 2 is considered the leaders in hair extensions by many colleagues who refer their clients. Great Lengths is created from 100% human hair from India, processed in Italy. Indian hair is lightweight, fine, and has a natural wave which easily can be blow-dried smooth or scrunched for a natural soft curl or wave. The colour range is beautifully arranged so any colour can be matched easily. The keratin bond is secure and long-lasting, reducing the need for maintenance visits.

Focus 2 also specializes in Dome Monofibre and Prolin extensions as well as Pro Styles extensions. High quality synthetic extensions are an alternative to human hair when cost is an issue or style or hair texture dictates a need for it. Synthetic extensions are a great way to add colour fast, fill in bulk more efficiently, or add a new texture to the hair. Synthetic extensions can be maintained easily and restyled with blow-drying or setting. Focus 2 is the certified educators and distributors of Dome.

Focus 2 is trained and certified in Hair Locs from California. This is a non-keratin bond process, which uses metal beads to hold the extension in place. There is a wide range of hair types available.


Focus 2 uses only the finest quality products, looking for a balance of hair and scalp health, product safety, and results.

Therefore they have chosen an Italian colour line Belavance, brought into Canada by Lanza. Lanza is a company who prides themselves in using top quality human safe ingredients with cutting edge technology.

The colour line has beautiful high lift blondes that leave the hair in immaculate condition. The browns and golds are exceptional. But behind every great colour line, requires a technician of equal greatness, so the line can be used to the fullest and bring out the best that the colours can be.

BOTANICS: Botanics are a herbal pack made by Schwartzkoff. The colours range from blonde to warm chestnut brown. The colours vary as the herbs will take on the base of the natural hair and stain it with the herb of choice. The result is a variegated tone of highlights and lowlights following the natural hair. It covers grey well, but because it is herbal, the results are less predictable than colour and the tones are always warm. The condition of the hair after is soft and natural and shiny.

ELUMIN: Elumin is a new technology colour line from Goldwell. The colour is attracted to the natural hair with a positive negative charge. The result is a shiny colour which leaves the hair thick feeling with body and shine that lasts.

It is especially popular for warm mid tones and bright fantasy colours. It is always hard to get vegetable-based fantasy colours to last in the hair, but Elumin outlasts them all in colours of pink, blue, purple, green, red, red violet, orange and yellow, and any combination of the above.

RUSK RADICAL ANTI-CURL: The Rusk Radical Anti curl is a process which quickly and easily de frizzes hair and smoothes the texture of naturally curly or frizzy hair. Unlike the straightening techniques which take hours and leave hair perfectly straight, this technique leaves hair with some natural body but no frizz after just 45 minutes to 1 hour.


On her wedding day, the bride and her attendants call for an entrance that commands attention and emotes grace and elegance, especially when it comes to style and planning. Our salon can offer custom bridal packages for both hair and make-up application for your special day. We do our best to ensure that our services are tailoured to your needs and expression by booking a run through consultation at least six weeks in advance before your date. This is key to a smooth and stress free expirience, allowing us to work our magic with ample time for hair and hair accesories and make-up applications and last minute touches that add that little extra something to your total look for that walk down the eisle!

Keywords: Hair Extensions

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