By: Faronics  09-12-2011

Protect Taxpayer Investment

Municipal governments and city councils around the world face dramatically declining budgets and spending cuts. While the cost of IT security and maintenance can be high, the cost of compromised systems is even higher. With over 60,000 new malware threats appearing daily, relying on just anti-virus is no longer sufficient to protect any network.

Layered Security by Faronics takes a multi-layered approach to your institution’s IT security, allowing you maximum protection from threats and the quickest recovery from intrusions.

Enter Layered Security

Normal anti-virus software works by blocking software that is known to be harmful. The trouble is today the sheer number of threats makes it difficult for even the best anti-virus software to keep up. Instead of just blocking the known bad-guys, Layered Security prevents any program from running that isn’t authorized.

That’s why Faronics pairs our lightweight but extremely powerful Anti-Virus with Anti-Executable, a whitelisting application. A whitelist is a list of applications that are authorized to launch on a computer. If a program isn’t on the list, it will not run. IT staff get to decide what applications are necessary on any given machine, and then block all others. This has the added benefit of not only blocking malicious software, but also unauthorized and unlicensed software from running – increasing system performance, increasing student focus and reducing IT headaches.

Finally, the ultimate layer of security: full system restoration. Frequently, whether error caused by a security lapse, or user error, system recovery can only be achieved by a complete restoration of a computer’s original settings However, this is a time consuming process, which may put a machine out of commission for hours to days depending on the IT team’s bandwidth.

That’s where Faronics patented Deep Freeze reboot to restore technology comes in. Deep Freeze restores a computer to a set configuration on every reboot. Any changes or problems that result from malicious software, misconfiguration or just plain old user error are undone when the computer is restarted. This significantly reduces the burden on IT teams to fix minor issues, and keeps computers running as efficiently as the first day they were turned on, extending workstation lifetime significantly.

One Solution: Multiple Implementation Options

Different departments have different IT needs and requirements. City planning or legal departments may require far more flexibility from their systems than a clerk’s office.

Faronics understands this, which is why our Layered Security solutions are designed for different environments.

Some users need both security protection and the flexibility to change their system’s configuration, retain specific settings, etc…

It’s frequently necessary IT departments to lock down machines strictly, preventing students or less-experienced users from making unauthorized changes which require IT time to repair.

Other products and services from Faronics



Whether it’s a malicious intrusion, or just a little-too-curious student who manages to break a system configuration, it is often easier to simply wipe and restore a computer to it’s original configuration than to try and diagnose highly specific misconfiguration.


Small & Medium Business

This has the added benefit of not only block malicious software, but also unauthorized, system-heavy or just plain unnecessary programs from running – increasing system performance and reducing the likelihood of problems that require valuable IT support time to fix.


Small Office / Home Office

This gives you complete control over your system’s resources, preventing malicious software from running, as well as resource-hogging applications that you don’t use and may not realize are running in the background. Using our patented “Reboot to Restore” technology, Deep Freeze “freezes” your systems configuration and then restores it to those settings on every restart.



Faronics Layered Security doesn’t leave it’s work at the office, it has been designed to offer your home-office computer the same Enterprise-level security that thousands of Schools, Governments, Large Corporations and fellow entrepreneurs have been using for years.