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By: Executive Sandbox  09-12-2011

Clients may know they have challenges in their organizations but they worry that hiring consultants will give them greater headaches. They may have good reason to worry that a pack of disruptive consultants planted in the middle of already over crowded offices will sap productivity and monopolize key employee's time.

Project team size:
The typical size of a project team is dependent on the size of the group going through the transformation. Our associates will only be involved with creating the desired outcome for the client the participants will see very few individuals.

Program cost:
The consulting costs, length, and uniqueness vary and so it is not possible to provide exact information until the project is completed. Please inquire directly to discuss which of our programs or groups of programs will work for you.

Administration of programs:
Projects are administered through a combined remote and in-person basis. Our consulting provides elements of training, coaching, and facilitation - the amount of face-to-face time is dependent on the group, program, and individual needs to create the desired result.

Our programs involve internet-based surveys and parametric tests. Results are analyzed for the group and training is created around those results. Our training consists of building competency-based skills -which means the participants learn the theory and also know how to 'live' the theory before they leave the training facility. The ability to produce the results in the organizational environment is enhanced through ongoing reminders.

Our reporting and communication policies are:
All information learned about individual participants is considered completely confidential unless the participant provides written consent for the information to be released. The employer will be able to see grouped information as long as all individual scores remain confidential in the process. Any information compiled about the organization will kept in the strictest confidence and will remain the property of the organization.

Determination of a completed project:
Many transformations take years to complete. We have the technology to create a one-day culture shift in your organization. It does require a couple of weeks lead time for preparation and requires a number of follow-up inquiries/coaching sessions to ensure proper embedding and penetration throughout the organization as well as some minor maintenance touch-ups depending upon the organization.

Tools and methods we use:
We use a number of validated parametric tests for assessment of thinking preferences, behavioral preferences, organizational character, culture assessment, communication and leadership through our training and coaching. We provide understanding of the inner workings of the human brain and provide you competency in using your strengths (and create changes if you want to). We teach you how to understand communication mechanisms and gain competency in communicating your thoughts so other understand your thoughts as you do. We work with your current organizational structure, culture and communication style to build capacities for taking on your changing world. Finally, we work with you to create ongoing innovation in your organization that builds on itself to create perpetual market share.

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