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By: Executive Sandbox  09-12-2011
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We work in two ways: on a personal and one-to-one basis and as consultants to grow your business.

Neuro Linguistic Programming(NLP)

NLP is the study of the structure of human experience. As NLP practitioners we want you to get everything you want out of life. The field of NLP is unique in having developed a set of filters or metaphors, and proven techniques for change that can be used to understand, respect, and transform how and who we are.

The Executive Sandbox Innovation Consultants offers 2-hour sessions for you to explore what you want in any area of your life and move past any blocks. From these sessions you will come away freer and lighter and able to reach any goal.


A main portion of our business is with people who have an intangible product (an idea or service) that they would like to bring to market and develop into a business (move from Entrepreneur to CEO). Some of our clients are already in business and would like to more than double their market share.

No matter where you business is we offer the following:

  • Strategic planning that includes an exit strategy, creation and development of multiple streams of income (get in, get out, make money).
  • Marketing planning that create self-generating system of clients and capitalizes on word-of-mouth sales.
  • If you do not have the resources to implement any portion of the planning we provide all the resources needed (website development, sales letter development, copywriters, photographers, videographers, capacity development, etc.).
  • Showing you how to tap your network for the resources you need by showing how to appeal to your networks' brains.
  • Defining your target market and then tapping your market's brains for the appropriate marketing direction.
  • Tweaking your marketing copy so it stimulates the unconscious of your target market.
  • Showing you how to re-purpose products and use information you have created in the past to integrate into your branding for profit.
  • Marketing your product so that you are always presenting your product in the perfect way to the your perfect audience making sales easy (We guarantee you will at least double your income if you employ our techniques!).

Innovation Consulting

In his 1970 book Future Shock the sociologist and futurist Alvin Toffler suggested that the pace of change was accelerating. Reality has confirmed his assertion. As external changes accelerate and competitive advantages shift successfully leading transformation becomes an organizational imperative. As the world changes, external pressures continue to alter life inside our organizations and inside the individuals who serve our organizational visions.

As humans, we mostly run on autopilot: We are habit-forming machines. Our brains are even wired to drive any practiced or rehearsed item into a habit. As individuals, this makes changing our personal habits difficult to do and this has become the very reason most transformational efforts fail.

Think about how you learned to drive a car. Your first experience might have been to keep the pedals straight. Today, you put your keys in the ignition and don't remember the ride to your destination. Our brains take the information we are learning and hold it superficially in our short-term memory. Once that information is practiced or embedded it is stored deep beneath the surface of the brain where it becomes an automatic process or a habit.

In business, how many times have you let something slide and allowed a habit to grow with yourself or even with someone else? Perhaps you did not spend enough time training an employee, only to have to remove that employee later on for their creation of a bad habit.

There is no rubber stamp method of building the organizational habit of sustainable transformation for rapid environmental change. It has to be built into your unique organizational culture. Organizations are too complex to permit any universal model that can explain all the dimensions, dynamics, reactions, and irrationalities related to every change. The work must be done uniquely for each organization - study the current state and the desired state, take the right action for the organization and its people, then measure the results and adjust as needed.

We at the Executive Sandbox® work with you, the movers and shakers in business, the people who want to create amazing contributions to your organizations and the world and are in the position to take on those challenges. You might not know where to start, what transformations you should be assessing, how to plan it or how to create or distinguish the desired outcomes. This is where we come in.

We are innovation and transformation process experts, behavioral analysts and motivators, organizational systemologists and re-focusers (for when your transformation goes sideways). We help you figure out where to start, build the skills necessary to create extraordinary transformations tapping into the information and answers already contained within your brain, your executive team's brains and in your organization's brains. Most importantly, we do it all with fun in every process, game or tool.

Specifically, we work with any organizations in business, the public sector or the professions whose organizations are in the midst of:

  • Reacting to jolts and trends in the environment
  • Transforming, reinventing or strengthening itself
  • Shifting business strategy
  • Creating new work climate and culture
  • Building up internal capabilities

To transform your personal results, those of your team or your entire organization, at The Executive Sandbox® Inc. or call us at (415) 497-3979.

Keywords: Innovation Consultants, Marketing, NLP, Strategic Planning,

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Services Provided by the Executive Sandbox® Change Consultants - how

It does require a couple of weeks lead time for preparation and requires a number of follow-up inquiries/coaching sessions to ensure proper embedding and penetration throughout the organization as well as some minor maintenance touch-ups depending upon the organization.


Marketing Training

The Executive Sandbox ® marketing training is guaranteed to provide your staff with unique new ways of processing information in communication and teach them the tools they need to ensure their marketing is cutting edge without those big marketing firm costs. No only will they have fun learning this information but they will build communication capacity that will help them build relationships for the rest of their lives.


Executive Sandbox Innovation Consultants Inc - branding

A brand name should be easily remembered, legally protected, get the attention of the target market, and relate to the primary benefits of the brand. It can increase marketplace acceptance, provide a competitive advantage, and position your company for rapid growth. You may need additional resources like our brain marketing edge to support your current in-house resources.


Strategic Marketing Planning

They are based on solid market research and include inputs from all environments that interact with the company to ensure the idea, service product or service is marketed and continuously marketed by the environment supporting the company. A strategic marketing plan involves looking at your company's ideas, information products and services from the perspective of your market.


Marketing Research

Analyze client and prospect lists in terms of profitability, geographic composition, industry composition, and number of employees. Market research is a process that connects the consumer, customer, and public to the you and your company through words. Recommend any changes in marketing to client based on polling group results. Analyze and compare response to marketing and sales programs. Additional resources needed to support in-house staff.


Executive Sandbox Innovation Consultants Inc - copywriting

At the Executive Sandbox ® we use special languaging in our copywriting that stimulates the reptilian, emotional and logical brains making your copy a more compelling sales story. We develop compelling communications, usually written, but also as pieces used in speech for promotion of your information and idea products or services.