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By: Executive Sandbox  09-12-2011
Keywords: Market Research, Psychological Analysis

What we do for you:

Market research is a process that connects the consumer, customer, and public to the you and your company through words. These words are used to identify market threats, opportunities, and problems.

At the Executive Sandbox ® we do Market Research differently. We don't do surveys or focus groups because we have more powerful tools that provide better information. For the same cost (or less), pulling a much smaller number of people, in a much shorter amount of time, we can determine what exact words trigger your target market's brains and what they will think about your product and map out how to create your company into a market leader. We can even determine where the market is headed to make your company the market leader.

Why would you hire us:

1. No expertise in-house;
2. Not enough resources in-house; and
3. Additional resources needed to support in-house staff.
4. Would like to utilize cutting edge marketing resources not available to your competitors.

Our role could include:

•  Design research group methodology to be used;
•  Lead polling group sessions;
• Analyze and summarize polling group results;
•  Recommend any changes in marketing to client based on polling group results;
• Analyze and compare response to marketing and sales programs;
•  Generate better leads;
•  Enhance customer and lead lists with key business demographic data;
•  Analyze sales territory performance;
•  Analyze client and prospect lists in terms of profitability, geographic composition, industry composition, and number of employees; and
•  Use advanced statistical and psychological analysis to study the potential customer, product affinity and product line penetration to assist in budgeting marketing dollars.

What you as the client could get:

•  Customer profile;
•  Customer opinion map;
•  Brain-word usage analysis;
•  Customer retention study;
•  Assistance in prospect list selection;
•  Documented polling group methodology for specific client profile;
•  Successful facilitation of polling group session(s); and
•  Written report of findings and recommendations from polling group sessions.

How will you know we succeeded:

•  You will tell us that project was successful;
•  You will tell us that you received new, useful marketing insights were obtained from the work we did with you and our poll group; and a
•  Higher conversion rate of prospects into customers from assistance provided in selecting better prospects lists based on the information and demographics collected during this research process.

Keywords: Market Research, Psychological Analysis

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