Geothermal Heating and Cooling System Design and Installation in Vancouver and Vancouver Island

By: Exchangenergy  09-12-2011
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Ocean loops for use with a geothermal heating and cooling system

exchang e nergy geoexchange / geothermal systems move the Earth’s energy into your residential or commercial space. By “moving “ heat as opposed to creating it through combustion or electrical resistance, geoexchange systems reduce energy consumption by up to 75%! In practice, exchangenergy has exceeded 80% savings with radiant floors.

What makes a geoexchange / geothermal heating & cooling system by exchangenergy different from others? We design our systems to run on geothermal 100% of the time, we do not use supplementary heat. Emergency heating is usually installed (required by code), but is not connected into the control strategy, maximizing system efficiency.

Geoexchange systems can reduce heating and cooling costs by up to 75%, with significantly lower maintenance costs and a longer life cycle.

exchang e nergy prefers to use radiant floor heating as the distribution system rather than forced air heating. Radiant floors use low-grade heat, and ground source heat pumps have a significantly higher co-efficient of performance in this temperature range compared to the higher temperatures required by forced air heating.

At exchangenergy we are control system experts. Through careful integration of the system elements, and an intelligent control system strategy, we can optimize the performance of your geoexchange heat pump.

exchang e nergy can use forced air for air-conditioning, though we recommend the superior comfort and performance provided by radiant cooling. This technology, new to North America, has been proven through 20 years of use in Europe. exchangenergy is proud to be installers of this revolutionary technology.

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Ground heat exchanger• heat pump• radiant floors• forced air heating and cooling • DHW• ventilation including HRVs (heat recovering ventilators. Air source heat pump installation * geothermal consulting * third-party inspection or troubleshooting * FTC testing. We design & install all of the following on a turnkey basis: forced air heating and cooling projects.