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By: Evergreen Power  09-12-2011

East Boston, MA (PRWEB) October 27, 2011

Acoustic Technology, Inc. (ATI Systems), a leading supplier of Emergency Alert and Mass Notification Systems, announces a new generation of its field proven outdoor electronic sirens. The new enhanced performance sirens provide increased efficiency, clarity and cost effectiveness for customers who need to provide intelligible voice or tone alerting and notification over large outdoor areas.

The modern web of electronic media provides instant communication to millions of people, until a major disaster occurs. Then power outages, damage to cell towers, etc and the sudden spike in usage can bring communication networks to their knees. Outdoor electronic sirens with their own internal power and a secure communication link can alert citizens during emergencies with either tones or voice messages, independent of disabled or overloaded networks. ATI has deployed many such systems on industrial sites, colleges, military bases and entire counties. Reliability, efficiency and cost effectiveness are key requirements for these types of systems.

The new sirens represent further development of ATI?s field proven High Power Speaker Station (HPSS), incorporating an improved Class-D amplifier design for better efficiency, lower distortion and excellent heat dissipation. This translates to increased intelligibility, increased reliability and longer run times on batteries. Lower idle current provides longer standby time without AC power, and extra margin in solar powered units. A faster (but lower power) processor provides a highly integrated controller with the latest digital interfaces in addition to traditional RF control links. These features all support flexible, cost effective deployment of siren systems providing coverage over areas as large as hundreds of square miles.

?ATI?s new enhanced HPSS delivers performance, size and cost advantages, leveraging the technology lead we have established over our competitors. This product will enable our clients to create high-end outdoor voice products that look as good as they sound which is increasingly important in today?s emergency communication market? said Dr. Ray Bassiouni, President and CEO of ATI.

Like the existing HPSS, the new released electronic sirens are available in two sizes: 1600 watt and 3200 watt. There are a number of communication/control options available, as well as solar panels for completely ?off grid? applications. They share the same control interface as ATI?s existing 400 watt Outdoor Speaker Unit (OSU) and the Indoor Speaker Unit (ISU), a 400 watt unit optimized for indoor applications. All units can be controlled by ATI?s MassAlert software, an intuitive, graphical user interface which also interfaces to a wide variety of other alerting systems for integrated control.

The new sirens leverage ATI?s decades of experience designing, building and deploying large electronic sirens to provide the best, most flexible, most cost effective electronics sirens available. The sirens use the latest in power electronics carefully optimized for outdoor alerting applications to provide a rugged class-D amplifier which produces steady tones at very high continuous power and voice with clarity and high intelligibility. ATI?s continuous research led to an optimum class-D design with high efficiency and optimum performance. ATI?s range of products combined with decades of expertise in acoustics allows ATI to design each system to precisely suit the customer.

About Acoustic Technology, Inc.

Acoustic Technology, Inc. (ATI Systems) designs, manufactures and installs reliable emergency warning and notification systems for the College, Community, Industrial and Military markets. ATI Systems developed an innovative wireless system that provides audible and visual warnings via a simple and compact hardware design, user-friendly software and the latest advances in communication methods, including radio frequency, IP Ethernet and satellite technology. Through acoustic design and modeling, ATI Systems provides proper sound coverage and superior voice intelligibility in both outdoor and indoor areas to ensure the safety of people worldwide. To learn more about ATI Systems, visit


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Green power and environmental development ideas

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