Energy Saving Products for Hotels, Residences and Offices

By: ENERGEX  09-12-2011

Occupancy Sensors


    * Wired or wireless

    * Wall or ceiling mounted – flexible bracket included

    * PIR or Ultrasonic with Dual Technology Detector

    * Ideal for hotel rooms or apartments

NeoSphere K8-85R: ‘The Decorator’s Choice

    * Wired or wireless

    * Wall mounted

    * PIR or Ultrasonic

    * Ideal for hotel rooms or apartments

Paradise IR-465

    * Wired

    * Ceiling mounted

    * Ideal for offices, classrooms, meeting spaces and boardrooms

Lunar IR-18H

    * Wired

    * Ceiling or conduit mounted

    * Ideal for warehouses, high ceiling locations, gymnasiums or conference centres

Comfort Set 2

    * User-friendly interface and clear display

    * Seamless integration with any HVAC control system

Web-Based Room Status Display

    * Part of the Real Time Occupancy (RTO) Information System

    * See which rooms are occupied in your building from any Internet connection in real time

Hand-Held Room Status Wand

    * Detects when rooms are occupied to reduce guest disturbance and improve hotel house keeping work efficiency

Wireless Palm Pilot Room Status Display

    * Connected to a central, real time server

    * Delivers instant occupancy data

Sliding Window Auto-Shut Off

    * Automatically shuts off HVAC system when a sliding door window is left open for longer than two minutes

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Energy Efficiency Solutions for Hotels, Commercial Buildings, and Rental Properties

Whether you’re running a hotel, residence, office building or educational facility, chances are your building energy efficiency could be improved, and you could be cutting your utility costs. The Energex energy efficiency system integrates seamlessly with your existing HVAC system and is fully programmable to meet your property’s needs.