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By: Emrx  09-12-2011
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Electro-Magnetic Field Meters

Better RF Meter. Budget Minded, Information Packed! The meter represent both a price and technology breakthrough! Simple hand held meter is so easy to use: One button, just to turn it on/off! Uses ordinary 9V battery (not included). Very sensitive (down to 25mV/m = 0.16 nW/cm²) and goes as high as 14.8 V/m = 58 μW/cm². Broad frequency range too: 100MHz to 3.0GHz digital or analog signals. ±3.5dBm accuracy. Look at all the information on the LCD screen: • Signal power level in dBm • Signal power density in μW/m², mW/m², or W/m² (automatic) • Horizontal bar "power level display" with 12 5dBm segments • Moving bargraph showing signal changes over the last 32 readings • 8 segment LED bar (green/yellow/red) power indication • Backlit for first 10 seconds of display Truly unique tool for personal RF exposure detection and level measurement. Use it to check GSM, TDMA, CDMA, PCS, Wi-Fi plus AM/FM and TV signals and much more. Now check out the price!


Digital Combination Meter. 1-Axis Electric and Magnetic Field measurements. The Digital Combination Meter boasts several distinct advantages for a meter in this price range: • Wide frequency response: very flat (1 dB) from 16 Hz to 2000 Hz; useful from 5 Hz to 7000 Hz (3 dB) • Tremendous Sensitivity and Range: Magnetic: 1-2000 nT (0.01-20.00 mG); Electric: 1-2000 V/m • Accuracy: ±2% ±20 digits at 50/60 Hz • Cool audio tone which resembles a Geiger counter • Simple to operate, easy to read. Perfect for home, student, or researcher. Uses a standard 9V battery, included. Instructions in German and English.


Digital Hotspotter Meter. The device does not detect Bluetooth, 802.11a or 802.11n. Some 802.11b and g networks are not detected by the device. Full-featured Wi-Fi detection and analysis device The Digital Hotspotter provides information on signal availability and strength as well as essential network information, including ID, security status and channel for most 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi networks. Use it to determine if you are exposed to Wi-Fi radiation, the strength and direction of the source(s), and the number of channels. Travelers, students and other roaming Wi-Fi users can use the Hotspotter to find available networks. Use the Hotspotter to determine where your home or office coverage extends, and where the optimal locations for use of the network are. Security The Hotspotter can be used to determine whether your home or office network is leaky. The device can detect whether your access point's signal extends beyond your walls, and whether it is secured. The Hotspotter can also help you detect rogue access points. The Hotspotter displays an image of one to four vertical bars, indicating the relative strength of the signals detected by the Hotspotter. By scanning repeatedly, you may be able to determine whether you are moving closer to or farther from a network access point by watching the increase or decrease in the relative signal strength. The Hotspotter scans 13 channels. While only 11 channels are used in the US, 13 channels are used for Wi-Fi in Europe. Channel information can be useful in detecting potential reasons for interference. Most access points are set to channel 1, 6 or 11 by default. If you see more than one network on the same channel, it is likely that you may experience problems with interference. In fact, Wi-Fi channels overlap on adjacent channels, and may cause interference on adjacent channels. You may wish to use the Hotspotter when configuring your home or office network to determine what channels are least likely to experience interference. LCD screen displays information about multiple networks: •Network ID (SSID) •Signal strength •Encryption status (WEP and WPA) •Provides Channel Information •Signal Availability (802.11b and 802.11g networks)


ElectroSmog Detector. A new, inexpensive hand-held device available to the consumer which can detect the pulsing emissions from wireless communications technologies (mobile phones, masts, DECT digital cordless phones, w/LAN's, Wi-Fi, etc.) which are considered by scientists to be the cause of health effects among a significant minority of the population. Has a built-in speaker, 2.5 mm mono headset jack for private operation (headset not included) and 2 year warranty. Uses 9V battery (included). Patented. 2 yr mfr wty. • Frequency Range: 50 MHz to 3000 MHz • Sensitivity: 0.01 volts per meter (V/m) • Output: Audio Loudspeaker, Audio jack socket • Controls: On/Off Switch, Volume


ElectroSmog Meter. Digital RF Meter Breakthrough in low cost RF measurement. Covers 50 MHz to 3.5 GHz and great for digital or analog RF signals. Use in 3-axis (isotropic) measurement mode or check each of the X,Y Z axis! Includes audio alarm with adjustable threshold and 99 point memory function. Extremely sensitive: 38 mV/m to 11V/m (equivalent to 0.38 nanoWatt/cm² to 32 microWatt/cm²). 4-digit LCD display offers V/m, A/m, or W/m². Updates 2.5 times per second. Choose to display instantaneous value, maximum value, or average (average period adjustable from 4 second to 15 minute intervals). ±2.4dB accuracy or better. Uses 9V battery. 1 year warranty


EMF Hunter. Versatile new meter for detecting cell phone radiation, power line EMF, as well as paranormal research. Combines AC magnetic field detection, microwave sensor, and temperature in a very compact design. Easy to read LED indication and dramatic sound. For cell phones, microwave ovens, and other high frequency appliances: 0.01 to 0.30 mW/cm² in 10 color-coded increments: - Green light (safe): Less than 0.02 mW/cm² - Yellow light (caution): 0.02 to 0.1 mW/cm² - Red light (warning): higher than 0.1 mW/cm² For power lines, TVs, computers, AC alarm clocks, motors and other electric appliances: 1 to 10 mG in 10 color-coded increments: - Green light (safe): Less than 2.5 mG - Yellow light (caution): 2.5 to 8 mG - Red light (warning): higher than 8 mG Temperature: External temperature probe on 6 foot cable included. 32 - 102°F (0-40°C) in 5 increments. Audible warning at 99°F Power: 9V battery (not included) good for continuous use for more than 30 hours. One-year warranty. Very unique!.


Field Analyzer. High End Combination Meter This is a beautiful, all purpose, EMF meter. Measure single axis AC magnetic, AC Electric and RF with high sensitivity and high accuracy. Backlit LCD screen plus AC voltage output for analyzing frequency information. And look at this: in RF mode it shows the field strength as a function of time, and in AC magnetic mode waveform is included on the screen display! Built-in speaker can give an audible impression of the pulse modulation of RF radiation. Peak, Hold and Average readout. Professional quality, but easy enough for a non-technical user. Includes clearly written manual with exposure limit recommendations, rechargeable 9V battery and battery charger/AC power supply. RF Frequency Range: 300-3000 MHz


Gauss Master. This little meter measures the level of ELF magnetic field radiation from power lines, computers, kitchen appliances, and more! The easy to read scale, unique built-in audio signal and auto shut-off make it simple to use and a great way to find hidden sources of ELF frequency magnetic fields. Most experts agree that chronic exposure to more than 2.5 milli-Gauss is inadvisable. This meter will show you which areas are above or below 2.5 milli-Gauss in the 50 - 60 Hz frequency range. Hand-held, lightweight and durable, with two easy to read scales (0-1 mG, & 0-10 mG), and dramatic audio signal. Our favorite meter for demonstrating the presence of dangerous EMFs to others and paranormal work. Requires one 9V battery (not included). Calibrated at 50-60 Hz. Includes nice instructions on how to perform a proper survey of your home, office, or school yard.


High-Frequency Meter. We like this calibrated wideband (800 MHz - 2.5 GHz) RF meter because it has a switch which allows a choice of peak or average indication mode. This permits accurate measurement of both digital and analog signals. Two ranges: 1 - 1999 µW/m² (same as 0.1 - 199.9 nW/cm²) and 0.1 - 199.9 µW/m² (same as 0.01 - 19.99 nW/cm²). In addition, you get a choice of audio tone - none, or intensity proportional to field strength, or proportional to frequency (for analyzing pulsed signals) - accuracy ±6 dB - true logarithmic - periodic antenna, 800 MHz - 2.5 GHz, single polarized, included - standard 9V battery included Easily detects cell phone towers, cordless phones even microwave oven leaks. Instructions in German and English. 2 year Warranty. Model HF35C


Pace Alert. PaceAlert is the first and only meter/alarm designed specifically with pacemaker safety in mind. Simply turn the unit on and it will warn with LED lights and audible alarm if it encounters EMF near the limits for proper and safe operation of implanted devices. PaceAlert monitors AC magnetic fields, AC electric fields, and radiofrequencies simultaneously. Common sources of strong fields include microwave ovens, power tools, hair dryers, vacuum cleaners, electric ranges and toaster ovens, electric circuit boxes, welding equipment, etc. Alarm thresholds: • 4 kV/m for electric field at 50/60 Hz • 1.5 Gauss magnetic field at 50/60 Hz • 100 V/m RF from 500 kHz - 6 GHz


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Keywords: Channels, Electrosmog