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By: Emplic  09-12-2011

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We don’t post often and do keep up with those tweeting at us.
Read the article and make your own judgment.

What do we say? Sure Facebook is… Twitter is making a splash in society like Apple did with the iPod, and once you set people in motion others will conform or be cast out of fame and fortune.

Twitter was innovative

Twitter was innovative, and still is. Twitter search, although buggy, is interesting and makes better use of all the mess the millions of Twits are creating. All that content. Flying by at the speed of light and then gone. Well, search it.

So what is Facebook doing? Looking to have their members update more frequently, and with small amounts of content… like Twitter. Microblogging is fun, easy and can be challenging. Facebook was the fun and easy part and hopes to eliminate challenging with the context. After all, social is supposed to be fun, effortless.

What does Facebook have to lose? Money.

Facebook has always had a more difficult time monetizing on the system while the major competitor has done, well, just dandy. Facebook can build more subscribers but the company is only buying time.

It is a shame that the firm still hasn’t implemented a strong monetization strategy. Buying time and maintaining or growing the user base is great… but the longer the company waits to “make money” the larger the opportunity cost. After all, Facebook isn’t cheap to operate.

So, enjoy Facebook while it is still here. If another startup can be just as popular and harvest that user base… look out. That reminds me, couldn’t Twitter easily improve the user homepage with Facebook like functionality? Hmmmmm……

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