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By: Email2  09-12-2011

  • Eliminates the need for complicated FTP or external services such as DropBox.
  • Provides storage, permissions, search and download functionailty for file attachments.

Large File Attachments

  • Asynchronous auto-resume file transfers means that users can work in the background while a large file attachment is being sent.

Permission-Based Attachment Library

  • Set permissions for full control over who has access to the files.

‘Print to Secure Message’ feature

  • Any scanned document or any content that is typically sent to a printer and distributed via fax, mail or courier will benefit from the Print to Secure Message feature.
  • PSM  instantly ‘print screens’ what is viewed on screen – regardless of the length of the page or application used – including an internet browser or proprietary, customized or in-house applications (example: ERP, CRM, or accounting systems).

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