EDM Studio Inc - systems

By: Edm Studio  09-12-2011

The success of immersive installations - those involving large projection surfaces and powerful audio-visual equipment - depends as much on compelling content as physical infrastructure. As a general rule, we advise clients to apportion half of the budget to equipment and fit-out, and half to the development of quality content.

This content can be passive, interactive, or a combination of both. Whether it's a high-resolution movie of the Martian landscape, a sensor-driven art piece to explore colour and form, or an interactive deep-sea experience where visitors design and pilot their own exploratory robots, EDM Studio has the expertise to create world-class installations in which the content is as impressive as the technology used to express it.

Immersive Environments

Imagine standing on a glass floor projected with high-resolution imagery that responds to your footsteps, or walking along a corridor where a 12-foot high curved screen arcs overhead. Large immersive displays accomodate multiple visitors, reinforcing the social nature of the museum experience.

Virtual & Augmented Reality

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EDM Studio Inc - design

When it comes to interactives, we believe that three elements make for a memorable experience: group play, unique interfaces, and compelling digital content. Creativity, the ability to turn inspiration into something meaningful, is informed by constantly exploring new ideas. Inspiration, the seed of every project, is fueled by an awareness of available technologies and tested designs.


EDM Studio Inc - software

Pictured here is our medical visualization demonstration where audience members turn, tilt, and slice a virtual head to reveal high-resolution photographic data. The model is displayed in 3D by simultaneously projecting left-eye and right-eye images onto a rear projection screen. This image of an E.Coli Biofilm was commissioned for the cover of one of the world's leading scientific publications.


EDM Studio Inc - consulting

With across-the-board expertise in the details of experience design (including story development, audio-visual hardware, lighting, art direction, IT, software development, real-time and canned animation, engineering, and fabrication), EDM Studio will confidently manage a multitude of specialized sub-contractors.


EDM Studio Inc - fabrication

Whether working with water jet cutters, lasers, or 5-axis milling machines, this approach ensures that each finished part fits perfectly with the rest of the assembly. EDM Studio has developed efficient design-to-fabrication pipelines using a network of extremely talented engineers, machinists, cabinet makers, and technicians.