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By: Edenflo Pump Truck Services  09-12-2011
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Food sector establishments such as restaurants,cafeterias, pubs, wholesale food processors, bakeries, butcher shops, delicatessens and caterers all have a responsibility to control what goes down the drain. Oil and grease are two important things to watch for. Oil and grease that go down the drain can clog your building’s plumbing and the municipal sewers, blocking water flow. When a sewer line is plugged, sewage backs up. Residents and businesses in the area cannot flush toilets or drain sinks or tubs. Plugged sewer lines can even cause flooding in houses or businesses, which is not only unpleasant, messy and damaging to the building, but could also be hazardous to health. A plugged sewer line could close a business until the line is fixed and the mess cleaned up. Municipal plumbing codes already require all food sector establishments to install grease interceptors (also called grease traps) in their drainage lines. The grease interceptor is designed to remove most of the grease, oil, solids and other debris from wastewater before they can cause problems of clogging or plugging in sewer lines. However, there are still problems with too much oil and grease getting into the sewer lines. It costs at least $800,000 each year to remove grease from local sewer lines. Because of this, the GVRD, with the help of municipalities, food sector associations and a number of local businesses, reviewed wastewater management practices at food sector establishments. Based on the review, the GVRD enacted the Code of Practice for Wastewater Management at Food Sector Establishments (the code). The code became law on January 24, 2001.
It limits the amount of oil and grease and the size of food particle waste that is allowed to go into the sewer. It tells you where and when a grease interceptor is required and how large the grease interceptor must be. Finally, it tells you how to operate and maintain a grease interceptor properly. All of this is important to know, whether you are a business owner, an employee or a landlord.

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Keywords: drain, Grease, Grease Interceptor, sewer, Sewer Line

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