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By: Ecri  09-12-2011
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GEMINI: Advanced Crime Linkage Analysis

Gemini is designed to assist crime analysts and investigators with the critical step of identifying which crimes are part of the same linked series. It is essential to ensure the validity and accuracy of subsequent analysis steps such as establishing the correct offender description, identifying patterns, and geographic profiling. Gemini incorporates the dual methods of matrix linkage and Bayesian likelihood analysis in one convenient tool.

Gemini is scheduled for release late 2011.

Provides Quantitative Likelihood of Linkage Through Bayesian Analysis

  • Ranks crimes in order of likelihood of linkage to series.
  • Supplies a database of common linkage factors by crime type.
  • Allows the analyst to enter custom linkage factors with custom weighting.
  • Includes spatial and temporal distribution of crimes in the analysis.
  • Suggests likelihood cut-off points for the series.
  • Identifies multiple unrelated series within a data set.

Practical to Use

  • Crime data import using templates, with automatic identification of linkage fields.
  • Graphical and tabular presentation of linkage factors for a crime series.
  • Integrated map display of crime locations and links using existing GIS software or online map services.
  • Automated linkage updates for ongoing series when used with Rigel Workstation.

Licensing Options


The standalone license provides a single copy of the software and license key to be installed on one PC for one user.


The network version is composed of a Network Master License and one or more Concurrent User Licenses. Concurrent license use is managed by the central license server on the network. Using the Network License model, Rigel Analyst can be installed on as many systems as you want within your network, but can only be used simultaneously by the total number of Concurrent User Licenses you own. E.g. if you have 4 users and 2 Concurrent User Licenses, all 4 users could have Rigel Analyst installed on their computers, but only 2 could use Rigel Analyst at any given time.

GIS Support

ESRI ArcGIS 9.x and 10.x

Microsoft MapPoint 2002, 2004, 2006, 2009 and 2010

Pitney Bowes MapInfo Professional 8.5, 9.x and 10.x

Google Maps (requires internet connection)

System Requirements


The following system requirements are typical for running Rigel with ESRI ArcGIS. The system requirements are lower for running with Google Maps or Microsoft MapPoint.

CPU Speed: 2.2 GHz dual core or higher
Processor: Intel Core Duo, Pentium 4 or Xeon Processors
Memory/RAM: 2 GB or higher
Display: 24 bit color depth
Resolution: 1024 x 768 recommended or higher at Normal size (96dpi)
Swap Space: Determined by the operating system, 500 MB minimum.
Disk Space: 2.4 GB and up to 50 MB of disk space maybe needed in the Windows System directory (typically C:\Windows\System32). You can view the disk space requirement for each of the 10.0 components in the Setup program.
Graphics: 24 bit capable graphics accelerator. An OpenGL 2.0 or higher compliant video card is required, with at least 128 MB of video memory, however 512 MB of video memory or higher is recommended.
Network Card: Simple TCP/IP, Network Card or Microsoft Loopback Adapter is required for the License Manager.

Network License

Windows Workgroup Network

  • Windows computers connected to a network via TCP/IP. Each computer running Rigel needs a local IP address and access to the server via TCP/IP in order authorize concurrent license use.
  • The license server must have a static IP address on the LAN, and a free USB port.

Thin-client Environments

  • Citrix Server / Windows Server with Terminal Services.
  • Users log on to the Server as interactive thin clients to access Rigel (no ECRI software on the clients in this case)
  • Rigel software is installed on the server computer for the Terminal Services.
  • One physical computer with a static IP address and a free USB port to run the license server (may be the same computer where the software resides, or a different computer).

Keywords: Crime Analysts, Network License,

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