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By: Eazfix Software  21-12-2010
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There are hundreds of software suites available featuring utilities designed to protect PC systems and optimize its performance. Each is backed with specific features which make it different from other software. Some have more features, while other have selected features, for instance. While buying PC protection software, some facts must be kept in minds like:

* Registry cleaning utility: Under this fact, result of each scan is shown. It permits the user to decide which entries are safe to delete. Many people are not familiar with the terminology of registry, so utility should include information about the marked entries and give description why it has been marked for deletion. It also defines whether it is completely safe to delete a specific entry.

* Malware removal programs: This program includes antiviruses, anti-spyware, and adware removal programs. The frequency with which malware definitions are updated makes the program different from others. Some removal programs update once a week while others update daily. But, the best update is on hourly basis. Frequent updates of definitions ensure that malware removal program will be blocked or removed from the system.

* Disk cleanup utilities: These utilities locate and mark the damaged or bad sectors on the hard drive so that system should no longer recognize the sectors as valid storage space. In other words, it prevents the system from storing data that would be effectively lost due to an incapability to retrieve it.

* Disk defragmentation utility: It should able to create a backup of files which are going to move as a precaution against the files being corrupted during the move. Moreover, it should able to determine when the files are to be shared across more applications.

* Backup utilities: In the , the back up utility offers options on extensive backup. The users must have option to copy the entire hard drive, backup system files only, backup documents and user files only, or some combination of the latter two. Moreover, users must be able to choose the media where the backup files are to be stored. This is because it provides quick access in the event of a system crash.

Lastly, if all the features are packed in a utility suite then it is considered as the best PC protection software available.

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