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By: Earthcycle  09-12-2011
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View of Earthcycle Packaging decomposing in your compost bin

Composting is the controlled biological break-down of organic matter (such as food scraps, yard trimmings and Earthcycle Packaging) into a humus or soil-like material, which is used as a natural fertilizer to improve soil structure.

Disposing of Earthcycle is easy! Simply throw it into your backyard or balcony composter, include it in curb-side collection programs for organic waste, or return it to retail managed compost return and pick-up. Also, if you compost at home, just as is typical for thick, pulpy food scraps like grapefruit rinds and banana peels, cut or tear the packaging into smaller pieces so that it will break down faster.

For detailed composting information and tips, here are some links to resources for you:

Keywords: Compost

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Earthcycle Packaging Ltd. | Simple. Natural. The Smart Choice

Now, with the smart design concept of Earthcycle, the fiber continues its useful life in the form of disposable packaging and once finished, will decompose in any backyard or balcony compost within 90 days, and make a healthy contribution to the soil. Our certified home compostable packaging is made from palm fiber, a renewable resource, which gets discarded when the fruit from the palm husk is harvested throughout the year for its oil.


Earthcycle Packaging Ltd. | Simple. Natural. The Smart Choice - packaging

In the conventional milling process, FFBs are sterilized and stripped of the fruitlets, which are then digested and pressed to extract crude palm oil that is used in the production of food and cosmetics, among other products. If Earthcycle Packaging was used for all US rigid, pre-packed produce, the resulting humus would enable the growth of more than 51 million pounds of tomatoes.