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By: Eaga  09-12-2011
Keywords: Project Management

Our customers always remain front and center and so our brand is deliberately of lower profile. Our services can be easily ‘shaped’ and ‘branded’ to deliver the best value for our customers.

Utilizing our main areas of expertise in policy development, program mobilization and management, we are able to deliver a full range of business capabilities.

Key areas of our services include:

  • Program development and design
  • Project management
  • Outreach, marketing and education
  • consultancy services
  • Market evaluation and research
  • Service excellence and customer care
  • Sub-contractor selection and management
  • Setting and monitoring technical standards
  • Measuring results and energy savings
  • Identifying and implementing appropriate program of improvements

Key areas of our core business values include:

Customer Relationship Management

We place individual customers at the centre of our work, based on the belief that all people who use our services have the right to be treated with respect and dignity that recognizes the principles of a public service. Service Excellence is embedded into the ethos of Eaga Canada, and is integral to all elements of our work. From the first point of contact with customers, we insist upon the very highest standards of client care. This approach is carried through every stage of our processes.

Robust Financial Management and Reporting

The majority of programs managed on behalf of our clients require the distribution of public grant funding to a particular target group within a specific time period to a specific quality standard. Financial reconciliation is a critical requirement throughout each project, with fully transparent reporting at various stages to fully account for funding we manage, as well as to outline the outputs of the project. We have extensive experience managing the ‘public purse’ and all our systems, processes and financial accounting are fully open and auditable. The highest standards of public accountability are always observed. Eaga has been applauded by the internationally recognized auditors and independent accountants PricewaterhouseCoopers for the standards of accuracy of our financial administration.

Keywords: Project Management