Dunbar Eyecare

By: Dunbar Eyecare  09-12-2011


  • Comprehensive eye examinations by licensed doctors of optometry

  • Automated visual field testing
  • Surgical co-management including refractive laser and cataract

  • Assessment for computer glasses

The eye examination consists of a comprehensive assessment of your visual system including refractive error, binocular function, internal and external eye health. Eye drops are routinely used during the exam to aid in the assessment of internal eye health. Recognizing the differences between individual patients, the exa mination is customized to each person to address specific needs and answer all questions in a manner that is not rushed. Please allow 45 minutes to one hour for the exam.

As of November 19, 2001, B.C. Medical Services Plan no longer includes routine eye examinations for people between the ages of 19 and 64 inclusive, unless there are specific medical indications; for example: diabetes, ocular disease, and those taking medications associated with significant ocular risk. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding coverage.


Our licensed opticians will be happy to provide excellent quality, warrantied products to suit every need and budget. They will do this through:

  • Comprehensive consultation on eyeglass lens technology

  • Assistance and guidance with the latest in frame style choices best suited to your prescription

  • Adjustment and repair of your current eyeglasses

  • Same day or next day eyeglasses if needed, depending on your prescription. Please call to inquire.

In addition, other services include:

  • Fitting of prescription computer glasses

  • Prescription sunglasses or sport protective glasses
  • Adjustment and repair of your current eyeglasses
  • If you're in a hurr - same day or next day eyeglasses if needed, depending on your prescription, Please call to inquire.

Contact Lenses

Licensed doctors of optometry will provide contact lens fitting and re-fitting including astigmatism, and mutlifocal, from the simplest to the most complicated prescriptions.

Are Contact Lenses right for you?

Today you will find many benefits to wearing contact lenses, either regularly or occasionally. If you lead an active lifestyle or are simply tired of wearing glasses, contact lenses are an excellent solution.

At Dunbar Eyecare, your Optometrist will work with you to achieve consistently clear, comfortable vision while maintaining your eye health. We strive to enhance your life with products you’ll enjoy.

Many clients enjoy contacts for occasional sports, special events and activities. Your Optometrist can explain your options to you. Don’t be held back by old technology: contact lenses can now work for people with dry eyes, high prescriptions, astigmatism or progressive multifocals!

When properly fitted, cleaned and monitored, contact lenses are safe. Talk to your Optometrist and see what new products are available for your needs.

Contact Lens Success

Whether you are a first time contact lens wearer, an experienced wearer or decided to discontinue wearing lenses, you may be surprised at the choices we can offer you at Dunbar Eyecare. The evolution of technology in contact lenses means that almost ALL of our patients can be successfully fitted with a lens custom chosen for their eye.

The most important factors for you as a contact lens wearer are professionally chosen and fit lenses, a care system for lens hygiene and follow-up support. Without these key services, contact lenses do not always provide safe and comfortable vision. At Dunbar Eyecare we guarantee you the services to ensure your comfort and complete satisfaction.

What is so important about contact lens fitting?

Contact lenses are a medical device and can affect the health of the cornea (the soft tissue on the front of your eye) if they do not match the unique curve of your eye. Even soft lenses come in specific curves to match this shape. At Dunbar Eyecare, your Optometrist will take the time to carefully examine the health of your cornea under high magnification. We also look at your eyelids and tears to make sure contacts will work for you. If you have any conditions that may make contact lens wear inadvisable or hazardous we will advise you immediately.

Once we are sure you are a good candidate, we will take some careful measurements of your corneal shape. Diagnostic lenses will also be used while we perfect the fit of the lenses. This will allow you to feel the comfort and see the expected vision through the contacts we will order for you.

Are they safe?

Yes, they are, however, we really emphasize proper hygiene and care while you use contact lenses to ensure healthy eyes. As with any foreign material on the surface of the eye, there is always the risk of a scratch, an eye infection or abrasion if the lenses are worn too long. If you carefully follow all instructions as to proper lens disinfection and stay alert to possible symptoms, just about any problem can be prevented or successfully treated.

Why is there a contact lens fitting fee?

The BC Medical Services Plan does not cover any services related to contact lenses, because they are considered “non-medically” necessary.

Nevertheless, contact lenses are visual devices that can affect your eye health. Establishing proper fit and good habits from the very beginning is extremely important.

What is included in the contact lens fitting fee?

The proper fitting of contact lenses requires several visits which will include:

  • The initial fitting appointment
  • Training and instruction regarding contact lens insertion, removal and maintenance for new wearers
  • All trial lenses (if disposable) needed to assess the fit
  • A starter kit of solution
  • Follow-up appointments to finalize the fit