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By: Dr Ara Elmajian  09-12-2011
Keywords: dentistry, dental office, Tooth Restoration

At the dental office of Dr. Elmajian & Associates we do more than repair teeth. As dentists we offer all aspects of comprehensive dental care, including disease prevention, tooth restoration, implant replacement, temporomandibular joint treatment (TMJ), jaw realignment and esthetic dentistry. We offer safe removal of toxic material from the mouth and we practice bio-compatible dentistry, often on referrals from Naturopathic and Medical practitioners.

Treatment Philosophy

The body has the inherent ability to maintain optimum health in the presence of a functioning immune system, muscular-skeletal system, circulatory system, hospitable internal environment, and adequate nutrition. The treatments we provide are designed to assist your body’s own natural healing ability. We will progress from focusing on structure, to function, to biochemistry, to the body’s electrical system, and finally to the emotions. We will not only treat your symptoms but will work with you to identify the root cause of your complaints. You will learn about the perpetuating factors that are relevant to your situation, so you can prevent repeating negative patterns, and move into a new state of well being.

Your role in the recovery of your health is of paramount importance. We believe our role as physicians is to educate you, because the more you know about your body and your treatment, the more you can participate in restoring and maintaining health. We teach responsibility for health, and promote awareness of our bodies and how we relate to this world. Therefore we encourage you to take a strong interest in learning as much as you can and participating fully in all aspects of your recovery. If you have questions, please bring them up during a consultation or call between visits to speak with us. It is important that you follow the treatment protocols as they have been carefully planned for your individual requirements. If you are having trouble following a protocol please discuss this with us.

Keywords: dental office, dentistry, Tooth Restoration, Treatment Philosophy