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By: Descriptive Video Works  09-12-2011
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1. Described Video / Descriptive Video Services

A highly trained narrator provides a vocal description of the action and key visual elements within the natural pauses in the dialogue, on a secondary audio track. A full Described Video (DV) mix, consisting of the main program audio combined with these narrated descriptions, becomes accessible to consumers via the secondary audio program (SAP), available on most TVs and VCRs.

2. Live Television Audio Description

Experience it Live-Voiced in real-time.

Descriptive Video Works is the pioneer in providing live-described reality television. Live Television Audio Description is voiced in real time with a narrator in the television studio sound booth or at the live event. They voice the descriptive narrative within natural pauses in dialogue, making the show more vivid and accessible to people with vision disabilities.

Live Television Audio Description is a brand new service rolled out last year by Descriptive Video Works. A first in television, Live Television Audio Description premiered in Canada with the live award event, The Junos 2010. Descriptive Video Works also live audio described the first three seasons of the reality show, So You Think You Can Dance Canada, and made a huge impact by making The Royal Wedding accessible to the vision-restricted community.

3. Consulting and Training

Descriptive Video Works is now being hired by broadcasters to train news anchors and reporters in the Live Audio Description process, educating them to include verbal cues for visual elements and on-screen text such as stock prices, mapped weather patterns, and other information normally inaccessible to vision-impaired viewers.

Keywords: audio, Descriptive Video, Descriptive Video Services,