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By: Dermaspark  09-12-2011
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Q: What does “L-H-E” stand for?

A: “LHE” is the acronym for Light Heat Energy. It indicates that LHE technology synergizes two different ways to transfer energy – light and thermal energy – by convection.

Q: How is LHE different from the old IPL method?

A: The LHE utilizes two energies: the light and the thermal energy. Using the combination of the two energies reduces the light fluence which makes the LHE the safest technology on the market with no down time.

Q: Why is the light fluence lower than others?

A: As the technology uses both energies, the light fluence can be significantly reduced. Combining the two energies together creates an equivalent fluence of above 65 J/sq. cm. yet, the actual light fluence is no more than 15 J/sq. cm. In the case of the skin tightening application, light fluence could reach 25 J/sq. cm.

Q: Do I have to shave the customer before treatment?

A: LHE hair removal requires no shaving! Stubble (hair of 1 to 3mm) would be ideal for the treatment. By not having the customer shaved prior provides:

  • Comfortable treatment whereby the skin is less sensitive
  • Ease of use to the practitioners because they see exactly where the treatment was already done
  • Save time per session, particularly after the first session because you only need to treat where you see hair growth and not the entire area.

Q: Can the customer see results immediately?

A: As no shaving is required and the treatment is being performed on short hair (1 to 3mm), the customer sees immediate results whereby the hair that was on the treated area prior to the session is totally gone. Clients can return to daily life immediately with no discomfort or burns.

Q: Why is the LHE considered as the safest technology in the market?

A: Unlike like other technologies, the LHE utilizes not only the light but also the thermal energy, thus, the total light fluence is low in compare to any other technology. Low light fluence results in safe and comfortable treatments.

Q: Is the hand piece heavy? Am I (or are my practitioners) going to suffer “Tennis Elbow” by working with the device?

A: The LHE requires no skin cooling system, no flowing cooling water and/or refrigerants in the hand piece, thus, the hand piece is light (the lightest in the industry!) which makes it easy and comfortable to use with no “tennis elbow” for the practitioner.

Q: Why does LHE not require skin cooling?

A: The LHE uses two energies, the light and the thermal energy. The thermal energy targets the follicle and is absorbed in the follicle rather than in the epidermises. As a result, there is no excess energy to be removed from the skin by cooling systems.

Q: Do I have to use jells and/or topical when I treat my customers?

A: The LHE does NOT require skin cooling systems or jells or other topical solutions. In fact, the LHE requires cleansing the skin before treatment.

Q: Do I need overlap between pulses when I treat the customers? A: No. No overlap is required between pulses. A slight overlap of less than 5% could be done to ensure full cover.

Q: Can I trade-in my old machine for a newer model?

A: Yes! Every machine can be traded-in for a newer model. Please contact your DermaSpark representative for more information.

Q: Do I need a special power source to run the machine?

A: No, a normal 110V 60 Hz is sufficient.

Q: Do I need to fill the device with water or other liquids?

A: As the LHE requires no cooling systems, there is no need in topping up with water and/or other refrigerants.

Q: How can I administer hair removal treatment on a dark skin patient (skin type V and VI)?

A: All the LHE systems have an optional hand piece specialized in treating dark skin types V & VI. LHE safely and effectively treats the darkest skin tones.

Q: When treating large surface areas, how can I shorten the treatment times?

A: With optional extra large hand piece that has an effective area of 18 sq. cm. (the largest in the market) one can clear a man’s back in less than 15 minutes.

Q: Does the machine come with training?

A: Yes, comprehensive training is provided with every device we carry!

Q: Is the Kona approved by Health Canada?

Keywords: Cooling Systems, Cooling Water, hair removal, Skin Cooling, Skin Tightening,

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