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By: Dermaspark  09-12-2011

Q: What is Bella Contour?

A: The Bella Contour procedure uses a combination of gentle ultrasound, electrical stimulation, and vacuum massage to remove unwanted fat painlessly and efficiently. The Bella Contour treatment stimulates fat cells so that fat is released and then eliminated as part of the body’s natural metabolic process. This non-invasive, pain-free circumference reduction is safe and effective for the love handles/flanks, thighs, buttocks, and abdomen. The benefits are immediate and long-lasting, with slow, steady fat loss occurring over the 10 treatment series.

Q: Is Bella Contour Effective?

A: Patients see improvement even after a single treatment, but a full series of 10 treatments is needed to achieve optimal improvement. We recommend a series of twice a week procedures for a total of 10 treatments. In over 1000 individuals treated, over 90% achieved greater than a 4 cm (1.5 inches) reduction in waist circumference after 10 treatments. In our studies at SkinCare Physicians, all patients had at least a 4 cm reduction in their abdominal circumference, but several had over 8 cm (3 inches) of reduction after 10 treatments. The procedure is totally painless and, in fact, so comfortable that patients enjoy the 1 hour session as much as a massage.

Q: Is Bella Contour Dangerous?

A: Studies over the last 5 years in Israel, and more recent studies at SkinCare Physicians, have not resulted in a single significant side effect. The procedure is gentle, painless, and slowly but surely reduces fat in unwanted areas.

Q: How Long Does It Take To See Results?

A: Most patients see results after even a single treatment. The more treatments done, the better the results (up to a total of 10 treatments is the recommended total).

Q: Who Are The Best Candidates?

A: Bella Contour is ideally suited for individuals who are slightly-to-moderately overweight and have unwanted fat around the waist, love handles, upper and lower belly, inner thighs, outer thighs, back and arms.

Q: How Does Bella Contour Differ From CoolSculpting™ by ZELTIQ™?

A: CoolSculpting™ by ZELTIQ™ works best for patients who have mild-to-moderate amounts of extra fat (typically on the love handles or abdomen) that they would like to have removed. Bella Contour is suited for individuals with slightly more unwanted fat and for those individuals who are moderately over weight. These types of individuals have done very well in extensive Bella Contour treatments performed in Israel and in our studies at SkinCare Physicians. Our body sculpting experts at SkinCare Physicians will help you decide which procedure is best for your individual anatomy and concerns.

Q: What Is Post Treatment Recovery Like?

A: There is absolutely no recovery time after the Bella Contour procedure, and your skin will look completely normal without any signs of treatment. You will be able to return to all your activities immediately after treatment.

Q: Is the Bella Contour a cavition machine? Does it harm or remove the fat cells?

A: The Bella Contour is not a cavitation device. It does not harm or eliminate fat cells. Recent studies show that our body regulates the number of the fat cells in our bodies (with the exception of severe cases of obesity) so changing/reducing the number of the body’s fat cells is unnatural, unhealthy and, further more, damaged or removed fat cells will be replaced by the body resulting in new and often less attractive fat deposits. The Bella Contour merely shrinks the fat cells by extracting the fatty acids, similar to how the cell is shrunk through diet and exercise.

Q: Is the Bella Contour FDA approved?

A: Yes, the Bella Contour is approved by FDA 510(K) number K063728

Q: What do you mean by “natural process”?

A: The Bella Contour simulates the body’s natural process by extracting the fatty acids from or fat cells; the same process that our body undergoes during exercise when we consume energy from the fat cell. When we consume energy, however, the body consumes the fatty acids from random areas in our body and not necessarily where we want to lose fat. The Bella Contour allows us to “spot reduce” and choose where to lose, be it abdomen, thighs, buttock, arms etc.

Q: How long is the treatment?

A: Each treatment includes 40 minutes ultrasound treatment and a 10 minutes vacuum massage. Including the measurements and photo taken prior to treatment, each session takes 1 to 1.5 hours.

Q: How often can I treat the customer?

A: It is recommended to administer treatments twice a week, however, no more than 1 treatment every 48 hours.

Q: How many treatment do the patients need?

Q: Is the treatment painful?

A: No. the treatment is pleasant, it is warm ultrasound massage on the treated area.

Q: When I order the Bella Contour, does it come with on-site training?

A: The Bella Contour is provided with full training at the customer’s location.

Q: What are my purchase/finance options in obtaining the Bella Contour?

A: Yes, there are various options to help you get started with the Bella Contour including purchase or rent programs.

Q: How long after the treatment can my patients see results?

A: In the vast majority of cases, results are noticeable after the very first treatment. The system comes with an attached digital camera (the only system in the market with an attached camera) that takes consistent pictures of before and after so the client is able to see the results immediately.

Q: Can I purchase extended warranty for my Bella Contour?

A: The Bella Contour comes with 12 months full warranty (parts and labour). Extended warranty can be purchased thereafter. The extended warranty has to be continuous.

Q: How long will the results last?

A: The results last as long as the patient does not gain significant weight. As long as the patients keep their lifestyle, the results will last virtually forever. The patient does NOT need any special diet and/or vitamins during the treatment.

Q: Does the Bella Contour need any technical maintenance?

A: Yes, the ultrasonic head has to be calibrated every 400 treatments.

Q: What are the consumable products used during treatments?

A: There are 3 consumables for the treatment: 1. Ultrasound jell, 2. electrodes, 3. ultrasound head calibration.

Q: What areas can I treat with the Bella Contour?

A: Every part of the body below the neck can be treated by the Bella Contour.

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