Tree Staking And Guying With Arbortie By Deeproot

By: Deep Root  09-12-2011

ArborTie is a revolutionary material for staking and guying trees: safe, soft, easy to use
and less expensive than traditional tree ties, the 900 lbs. (408 kg) and 2,500 lbs. (1,134 kg)
break-strength rolls stand up to fierce winds while providing enough sway to help the tree
develop trunk strength.

ArborTie - Specifically designed to replace traditional methods such as wire and hose, ArborTie is safe, soft, easy to use and less expensive than traditional tree ties. ArborTie also eliminates the need to flag or cover guywires, and our proven ArborKnot expands as the tree grows in caliper, preventing girdling. AborTie Staking and Anchoring Kits - All-in-one packages that include three lengths of ArborTie Green and three stakes or anchors for anchoring trees up to 6" (15 cm) in caliper. Bulk Stakes and Anchors - Sturdy and reusable for all of your staking and guying needs.

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