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By: Dalkia  09-12-2011

Dalkia's raison d'etre is helping its customers to manage their energy and utilities efficiently in an environmentally sustainable manner. Dalkia also provides asset management and multi-technical services at our customers' sites, allowing them to focus on their core business.

Infrastructure Management

District Energy

Utilities Management

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Dalkia Canada | District Energy

To our customers, we bring unique skills and over 70-year experience to the complete process - from fuel procurement, transformation of the fuel to useful energy and distribution of that energy to end-user installations, to metering and billing - and after the meter energy optimization.


Dalkia Canada | Combined Heat and Power (CHP) / Cogenertion

Dalkia designs, finances, builds, owns, operates and maintains the CHP infrastructure and peripheral systems and incorporates the most advanced technologies, cost efficient energy sources and world-class best operating procedures and staff. Optimal energy supply and maximum energy cost reduction, backed by Dalkia's ability to optimize usage and export excess power to the electrical grid.


Dalkia Canada | Renewable energy

Such solutions have included over the years improved combustion technologies, treatment of flue gases, geothermal energy, biomass, cogeneration, industrial heat recovery, waste energy recovery, solar and wind energy. From fuel sourcing and procurement, design, finance and build to operating over the long term, you can count on Dalkia to manage your green energy portfolio with the assurance of reliability, and performance.