Placental Encapsulation

By: Dakini Doula  10-03-2011
Keywords: Placental Encapsulation

Many new mothers from various cultures around the world have used the placenta to increase their energy, regain iron stores and help to increase milk supply. Small pieces of the fresh placenta are eaten immediately after birth.
With placenta encapsulation the fresh placenta is steamed, dried and then made into medicine to be ingested after the birth and for the first few weeks postpartum.
Studies have shown that it decreases incidence of postpartum depression, provides energy to new mothers, helps them sleep better and increases their milk supply.
I offer the encapsulation service to new parents. The placenta is prepared in your home. It is usually done within the first 3 days post birth. One placenta can make from 80-140 capsules. New mothers take them as needed each day after the birth. Capsules can be stored for up to 3 years.
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Keywords: Placental Encapsulation