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By: Cyclomedical  09-12-2011
Keywords: Owners And Operators, Positron Emission Tomography, Consulting Assistance

Executive Summary

The use of PET (Positron Emission Tomography) imaging for oncology, cardiology and neurology applications is growing explosively. From 1999 to 2001 the number of sites in the U.S. using PET imaging increased by 200% from 240 to 690. During the same period, the installed base of PET scanners grew by 200% from 70 to 220. This growth was mirrored by an increase in the number of accelerator facilities producing F-18 FDG and other PET imaging agents.

In response to this market opportunity, Cyclomedical Applications Group, LLC was formed in 2002 to serve owners and operators of medical accelerators dedicated to the production of positron emitting radioisotopes such as F-18. Cyclomedical Applications Group is an organization of experienced radiopharmaceutical executives that provide consultation and assistance in the areas of accelerator facility planning, equipment procurement and installation, regulatory submission, medical accelerator consulting assistance and accelerator facility management. These services can range from short-term consultation to longer term retainer arrangements. Cyclomedical Applications Group can address a specific problem faced by an accelerator facility, or it can adopt a monitoring posture in support of an in-place management team, or it can provide comprehensive management of the operation. The benefit for the accelerator owner/operator is the convenience and economy of a full range of services through one contractor on an “as needed” basis.

By remaining independent from equipment suppliers and commercial distributors of PET imaging products, Cyclomedical Applications Group offers a unique service to the entire PET market. The group has the ability and experience to work with all of the major accelerator producers–GE, CTI, AccSys, IBA and EBCO.

Keywords: Consulting Assistance, Medical Accelerator, Medical Accelerators, Owners And Operators, PET scanners, Positron Emission Tomography,

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Cyclomedical personnel have managed the operations of radionuclide and radiopharmaceutical manufacture and distribution worldwide, radiopharmaceutical research and development, medical imaging equipment leasing, and ten PET radiopharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution centers. Contract management by Cyclomedical is extremely cost effective because many of these services are common among the facilities managed or serviced.


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These services range from quality assurance assistance, regulatory advice and preparation of submissions, production optimization and implementation of radiation safety systems all the way to marketing services such as market research and development for cyclotron facility and PET scanner operators.


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PET scanning is the fastest growing medical imaging modality in the U.S. Its primary role has been in oncology, where it has an expanding role in diagnosis, the monitoring of therapy or the progression of disease, and in the staging of patients for radiation therapy.


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Cyclomedical Applications Group, LLC, has developed a new concept designed to bridge the gap between commercial PET radiopharmaceutical manufacturing and the medical requirement for quality metabolic imaging in locations that are difficult to access geographically or demographically.