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By: Corporate Symphony  09-12-2011

Hi-Pro Team Coaching

What does it take to build a High Performance Team?

Our proven process starts with the following two steps:

  1. You experience our tools and process within one-to-one Leader Coaching.
  2. With your goals defined, we customize with you a sustainable Team Coaching program.

We then tailor our unique and effective process to your team and its specific needs building on the 4 pillars of High Performance Team :

  1. Connection: Leader coaching and a Team DNA Audit build the foundation for taking your team to a new level of performance, in both team leadership and results. Together we build a Connection solid enough that when ‘push comes to shove’ in the current world of business the team passes the test and grows stronger.
  2. Inspiration: HPT Launch Day unites and ignites your team to go beyond the comfort zone of the ordinary to the opportunity of the extra-ordinary by challenging all current assumptions about what is possible.
  3. Commitment: Team and Leadership Coaching align and fully leverage the strengths of your team to follow through on their choice to be the best team they can be, rising above the modern business challenges of ‘data smog’.
  4. Contribution: HPT Challenge Days and HPT Success DNA grow your team’s capacity to sustain its success and the difference that success makes for your team, the organization and the broader community you as a team are committed to.

Together we create a Contribution powerful enough to overcome all obstacles to success, including the biggest challenge of all, questioning and going beyond your team’s own current ‘winning strategy’ to new levels of success.

The result is a new bottom-line with strong ROI and sustainable performance through operational and inspirational leadership.

What’s Next?

We coach leaders who are committed to building a High Performance Team by taking action today! If this sounds like you, we invite you to take the . For more information on how High Performance Team Coaching could work for you and your team, today to set up a complimentary Team Performance Audit.

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