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By: Corporate Symphony  09-12-2011

Leadership Development Program

The Management Potential Evaluation [MPE] Assessment is used to measure leadership potential.

Factors That Predict Management Success

Every successful development process begins with measurement. This includes the measurement of strengths, weaknesses and potential. CEVEY MPE is the only leadership assessment tool on the market that was developed expressly for business. Based on the results of more than 10,000 leaders from around the world, the questions, scales and scores reflect precisely those factors that predict management success.

Every management team strives to meet the targets set by the CEO, the board of directors and the marketplace.

Precise Measurement of Individual Potential

The MPE measures 10 key success factors and 34 sub factors uniquely linked to management performance. This scientific tool is so precise that it creates a profile as unique as your fingerprint and highlights exactly which areas to address for maximum performance enhancement. The range of potential profiles is 844 (8 to the 44th power).

Personalized Development Plan

Shortly after completing the on-line assessment each participant receives a detailed 15 page written report that identifies and ranks key strengths and development needs, and includes more than 50 specific recommendations. In addition, a CEVEY certified professional reviews each report and prepares an ‘expert evaluation’ that highlights key findings.

Optimize Leadership Potential with Business Leadership Coaching

How Important is Leadership Coaching?

Training and developing leadership leads to higher performance, higher retention and a more positive corporate culture. A high performing leader has the ability to both set the vision and the targets, and to motivate team members to achieve them within a desired time frame.

Business Leadership Coaching triggers meaningful personal growth and ensures the transfer of new leadership skills.

What Makes CEVEY BLC Different?

CEVEY Business Leadership Coaching [BLC] is a unique proprietary approach that combines the results of an individual’s MPE with their explicit business challenges. The objective of BLC is ‘better business’ and not necessarily to make the manager ‘feel better’. The CEVEY Iceberg illustrates the relationship between Business Goals and Skills; and Mind Set and Personality. BLC triggers motivation and change at the Mindset and Personality levels.

The Six CEVEY Coaching Tools

The Six CEVEY Coaching Tools are derived from a profound understanding of key psychological principles that underlie motivation and performance in human beings. Central to the methodology is a systematic process to optimize the strengths and address the weaknesses of each individual leader. BLC also teaches each leader how to use the tools with their own team members. The Six Tools provide powerful new ways to optimize performance and resolve workplace challenges by impacting each team member at a deep personal level.

Accuracy & Applicability has been proven World Wide

High Statistical Validity

Criterion validity of the MPE is very high, demonstrating a clear correlation between test results and leadership performance. The assessment’s validity has been confirmed by independent analysis and exceeds the midpoint of the validity range required by the American Psychological Association Standard of Assessment.

A Unique Measurement Concept

‘The more, the better’ is not always the case–particularly in leadership. A tendency to go to extremes on some characteristics can arouse resistance in others and inhibit leadership effectiveness. MPE scores identify areas of strength and areas of development; and highlight Blind Spots and Exaggerations.


Headquartered in Tübingen, Germany, CEVEYSYSTEMS has been engaged in improving the performance of leadership teams with sophisticated analytic tools and customized training for more than 20 years. With offices and partners around the globe, CEVEYSYSTEMS is constantly working on the development of new tools and solutions for higher performance.

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