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By: Corerelation Consulting  09-12-2011
Keywords: stakeholder engagement

Stakeholder Strategy Development We offer consulting support, strategy development, and coaching.

Stakeholder Engagement Strategy
Ann worked with senior management at BC Hydro in 2004 to develop a company-wide stakeholder engagement strategy. This involved designing internal systems and structures, hiring new people, forming the team, involving employees, and establishing new policies and processes.

Stakeholder Engagement Policy
Ann has also provided on-going advice to Suncor Energy Inc. on the development of their stakeholder engagement policy as well as on specific stakeholder engagement plans.

Communication and Consultation Program
Ann designed and managed a two-year communication and consultation program for the GVRD to involve the public and stakeholders in the development of a regional solid waste management plan. The plan was approved with unanimous stakeholder support in 1995.

We develop and deliver customized courses and workshops on Stakeholder Engagement and Collective Learning & Dialogue.

Collective Learning and Dialogue Workshop
In late 2004, CoreRelation designed and delivered a one day customized training workshop for senior management at Boeing (Spare Parts Division) on Collective Learning and Dialogue. Organization Development Manager Micheal Dimeo, Ph.D. says the workshop has “enabled our team to get much better at learning and solving problems together.

Internal Stakeholder Engagement Course
In 2003, CoreRelation developed a one-day course on Internal Stakeholder Engagement for Intel Corporation for delivery worldwide to their more than 2,000 managers worldwide. The course has helped Intel managers identify and involve their key internal stakeholders to enhance productivity and innovation.
We work with organizations to design and deliver effective multi-stakeholder events and longer term engagement programs. For example:

External Stakeholder Advisory Groups.
Ann has worked with a variety of companies including Placer Dome Inc. and Dupont Canada to create external stakeholder advisory groups. Responsibilities included advising on terms of reference and selection criteria for members as well as facilitating meetings.

We provide the tools and resources that change agents need to design and implement effective stakeholder engagement.

Stakeholder 360
Ann and her team at the Centre for Innovation in Management at SFU (now Collaborative Learning & Innovation, ) developed a measurement tool called the Stakeholder 360. The 360, which monitors levels of social capital in stakeholder relationships, is being used by a number of companies around the world.

The Clayoquot Controversy: A Stakeholder Dialogue Simulation was designed to help participants distinguish between debate and dialogue, contribute to collaborative learning and find innovative solutions to complex issues. The CD-Rom is based on a real case involving business, community, environment, First Nations, labour, and government stakeholders engaged in a prolonged controversy over the logging of old growth forest in Clayoquot Sound. It was developed by Ann Svendsen and Dr. Anne Lawrence (San Jose State U.).

Keywords: stakeholder engagement

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