By: Convergent  09-12-2011

In addition to Convergent's expertise in the field of composites processing, we have considerable experience in the area of ballistic impact of composites. Convergent is proud to be the sole distributor for the ELVS: a non-contact system for the measurement of projectile motion in ballistic impact. It is a cost-effective, reliable, easy to use system that is capable of tracking small, light projectiles. System outputs include include velocity, force and energy-time histories; force and energy-displacement plots.

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COMPRO Templates

It is often the case that one wishes to examine various processing phenomena as they pertain to a single type of part: i.e., C-channel, hat stiffener, etc. This gives you all of the functionality of the full COMPRO release version applied to a single geometric shape. For these cases Convergent can provide parameterized versions of the COMPRO process model. Contact Convergent directly for more information regarding COMPRO Templates.



Enables use of sponsored materials, Convergent encrypted materials, and user generated materials. Includes 20 Hours Post-Installation Technical Support.



COMPRO 2D, our well-known "Virtual Autoclave" simulation tool, is a finite-element code which uses either CCA or legacy COMPRO material data files to perform thermal/stress analyses of complex two-dimensional part/tool combinations. It allows you to perform thermal analyses at points and drill-throughs, import data, and provides powerful plotting and inspection tools to make analysis simple.