Accurate . Fast . Reliable - onsite

By: Consumerscan  09-12-2011
Keywords: Data Capture, On-site Scanning

Instant Data Capture With On-site Scanning

On-site scanning is a radical new approach to the measurement of customer satisfaction behavior. With the introduction of our new on-site mini-scanner system you can now process your customers' responses as soon as you receive them.

Combining our recognized experience in survey design, collection and data capture with the latest hardware and software technology, we can now compile results at speeds previously thought impossible.

The Mini-scanner System

This compact system consists of a portable miniature desktop scanner installed in your facility and linked to an existing Windows based computer.

Advantages of On-site Scanning:

  • Quick tabulation of your survey results
  • Elimination of additional expenses associated with sending completed forms to Consumerscan's offices
  • Surveys kept by your organization, thus promoting immediate attention to customer comments

You get:

  • Easy installation and operation.
  • Compact Footprint scanner design.
  • Compatibility with your pre-existing Windows 2000/XP System.
  • Data transmission from anywhere world-wide over a network connection to our confidential Consumerscan database.
  • Full technical support for all hardware and software.

Keywords: Data Capture, On-site Scanning

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Accurate . Fast . Reliable - now

This new and exciting service, combined with our On-Site Scanning technology, enables clients to have a totally virtual experience when it comes to measuring their customers' satisfaction behavior. Using a unique password you can access your reports from any computer terminal in the world with an Internet connection. You can instantly view how your services/products progress over the previous survey periods.


Accurate . Fast . Reliable - quantitative

With years of experience creating and implementing customer service programs, our self-completion questionnaires are used in data trending major airlines, travel wholesalers and resorts around the world. Our analysis techniques are on the leading edge of market research innovation, while reporting is made fully customizable to reinforce a full-service commitment to our client's needs.


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Consumerscan utilizes qualitative techniques to design customer feedback programs that capture and identify exactly what they are intended to - the hidden keys to customer satisfaction, and more importantly, the secrets to exceeding the expectations of your customers. Understanding your workers' actual perceptions and taking action on their constructive ideas is essential for building human resources that fit your organization's growth strategy.


Accurate . Fast . Reliable - benefits

Due to the speed and accuracy of the system and the advanced technology embedded in the new scanning equipment & interpretation program, the fees for data capture, tabulation and results presentation make the fees for this component extremely low. Reports and analysis are generated and e-mailed to the client on a daily, weekly, monthly, etc. basis, depending upon client need.


Accurate . Fast . Reliable - online

Others have decided that web-based surveys are preferable to what they deem the old fashioned paper/pencil method. Many of our clients want to give their customers the flexibility of filling out a survey at their own leisure. To this purpose, we now offer the option of on-line surveys.